Webslasher's: WINT O GREEN Friday jackable thread!!!


"Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday."
-John Candy

I use the title WINT O GREEN b/c I love lifesavers mints, they are the best thing since sliced bread, and have a great masking scent from horrid dragon breath.

So this is my first blog, and I am offically thankful...


Free Waves on me!!!

BTSC NATION this jacked up thread is brought to you by: Men's depends, You gotta go with the flow!!!

This blog is intended to jack everyone up for the weekend, and I hope the intentions are riding high!!!


*I hate Wal-Mart, I hate the fact that where I live, the people around the neighborhood treat the local watering hole as a Super Mall, I hate the fact that when your checking out in the self service line, that the line becomes inserviceable and every line that has a cashier checking out other people's stuff is packed to the tits full, and yes on a fricking Thursday @ 8:00 pm eastern time. It's like people hit the lottery and go on a shoping spree, all I want is bread, cheese, juice, and milk...oh and the ocassional case of Coor's light.

*I love telemarketers: I love the fact that they can call you @ 3:00 am when you have to wake up at 5:30 to get ready for work, to ask: "Have you found Jesus?" One time I got so pissed I threw in a failed attempt of trying to have phone sex with a random chick talking about getting "Accidental death insurance"  you can imagine how the convo went " All I got to was " So what are you wearing?" and she was talkng about "Falling down a flight of steps and breaking you neck."

*A little hidden fact for you guys, I am a huge lucha libre mask collector, I even go by the name Killer Ka-Doogan (my drunken alter-ego).


*Why can't there be a 4 day work week? I would love to kick the guy in the crotch who made Monday's the most miserable day ever and a close second are Sunday's.

*OK if you guys won 1 million dollars, and can only buy 3 things with it, what would you buy? (These are my answers, see below:)

1. Stock in the UFC (This sport is getting bigger than Fat Albert at an: all you can eat buffet!)

2. 1969 Chevy Nova ss (My dad's first musclecar.)

3. I would hire a person to wash my balls once an hour...(and I know what your thinking guys...sicko's! I got golf balls that need washed lol geez!!!)

* I hate that when you dream it can be real at times, then you wake up and realize that you don't own a condo in Fiji, and Hugh Hefner isn't on your speed dial...

Ladies and gentlemen: Thats it I'm spent, I would love for you guys to give me an open critique on how I did...I am open to all suggestions!

These are my shout-outs: Thanks for the BTSC break in guys: Arn, Johnny_S, PCI, Mini-Hulk, English, Count 'em 6, Chewie, Klompus, Cold_Old, Kick 'em, NYC, NY, Momma, and everybody's favorite villian MaLoR, ( I apologize If I hadn't mentioned anybody else off the top of my head, each and every one of you guys play a part of my morale boost for my workday!!!)

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