Non Football: Tuesday movie continuation Sequels/Prequels coming soon edition

Keeping with the movie theme and seeing that it is extremely slow around here, I looked up some sequels or prequels either in the making or being planned.  This is an open thread for discussing these sequels and prequels.

Alien 5 - Forget about it, you'll never recapture what the original "Alien" movie did.

Bad Boys 3 - Good team of Lawrence and Smith, but can we do that in a different movie?

Austin Powers 4 - Oh behave, this isn't a bad idea

The Chronicles of Riddick 2 - oh really?

Elf 2 - How when Will Farrell already said he's not feeling it

Galaxy Quest 2 - A little late don't ya think?
Freddie vs. Mike Myers - Why not? Jason kicked his sorry behind already.

Forrest Gump 2 - Maybe his son isn't all that bright after all
Gladiator 2 - Back from the dead?!

Ghostbusters 3: Ghostbusters in Hell - They were already in New York (just kidding)

Get Smarter - blah

Anchorman 2 - Hopefully Baxter doesn't get punted again

300 2 - They found another 300 Spartans that would do it again

Avatar 2 -Revenge of the tree?
Big Momma’s House 3 - Because Martin Lawrence likes dressing like women so he can sneak a peak

The Blair Witch Project 3 - Ok the novelty has worn off folks - move along

Bloodsport 2 - Just watch MMA

Bourne 4 - Let's ride this horse til it dies

Bruce Vs Frankenstein - Bruce from "They call me Bruce"

Cloverfield 2 - Ha!  did you love the first one? Green power!

Dark Knight sequel - Dude that's a tough act to follow

Fast & Furious 5 - I want Eva Mendes back

Ghost Rider 2 - See above

G.I. Joe 2 - interesting

Gremlins 3D - yeah, but it's going to be 3D right?

Hairspray 2 - can you make a sequel to that?

Hancock 2 - Now they can put some depth into the story

The Hangover 2 - I know some of you have been wanting this to happen

High School Musical 4: East Meets West - Lebron and Kobe?  Oh wait...

I Am Legend (Sequel or prequel) - They have some splaining to do if this is a sequel with Will Smith

ID4-Ever (Independence day) - I thought we killed them!!!

Indiana Jones 5 - They always seem to be good, don't blow it!

Iron Man 3 - Yes!  more Scarlett please

Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D 2 - haven't seen the first one

Jurassic Park 4 - They should have Godzilla blaze them suckers

Kick-Ass 2 - Not interested

Kill Bill Vol 3 - You're thirst for blood is about to be quenched

Kung Fu Panda 2 - I got it the first time.  Panda=Chinese=martial arts phenom.

Lemony Snicket 2 - Did they leave the door open for this?

Madagascar 3 - Believe it or not I never saw the first two

Mad Max 4 - Tina Turner can still do her thing, but Grace Jones looks like a zoo doo stick

Men In Black 3 - I like MIBs  I even like the corny ride at Universal Studios.  Shut up man!

Midnight Run 2 - Kinda late to be doing this huh?

Mission: Impossible 4 - It must be impossible because this is the fourth time trying

Monsters Inc 2 - Toy Story must have raised this one from the dead

National Lampoon’s Vacation 2 - Yes!  I hope they can do this without making it tasteless

National Treasure 3 - The search for Obama's Koran.  Just kidding man don't flame me.

Night At The Museum 3 - Man they got mad sleepovers

Paranormal Activity 2 - DOh!

The Phantom 2 - Seriously, was there a Phantom 1?  I seriously don't know.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - You knew this was coming

Saw VII - Ahhhhhhhhhh help me....  end this curse please

Scary Movie 5 - Ok every other Scary Movie is crude.  Four was very crude so maybe I'll watch this one

Sin City 2 - Gimme the same amount of babes in the first and you got me

Star Trek 2 (or 12, depending on your preference) - I'll be waiting for this one.

Super Troopers 2 - Can't they equal the original?  It'll be hard

Taken 2 - Darn it, you got swiped again

The Thing (prequel) - I was wondering if they would do this. I had given up.

Transformers 3 - With no Meagan Fox it seems

Twilight: Breaking Dawn - They all suck so who cares.  :)

Twister 2 - The new videos on the Weather Channel must have stoked the coals

Underworld 4 - Didn't see the first 3

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas - I guess they are still friends

Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2 - Jessica Rabbit makes you want to be a Toon baby

X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 -  They can keep making these thank you

XXx: The Return Of Xander Cage - Go to the website to see who is the XXX this time

Zombieland 2 - Their baaaaaaaack

Zoolander 2 - No comment

Enchanted 2 - next

Five Brothers - Sequel to 4 brothers -  i guess they adopted.  The first one was very good

Rambo - They need to stop screwing with him

Taxi Driver 2 - Good movie, bad ida to try to spin off of it

Valentine's Day 2 - Qgqhhqwghqkqk  I think I vomited

Wanted 2 - Never saw Wanted

White Chicks 2 - I'd dress like a White chick to get in the places the Wayans brothers did.  Seriously though, they have to have Terry Crews in this because he made the first one.

These were found on

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