Non-football: A newcomers Guide to unofficial terms and conditions for having fun

Our fearless leader Michael Bean A.K.A. "Blizburgh" has laid out the official housekeeping matters in the past and for the most part everyone has fallen in line.  There was a period of time where the waves were breaking the breach of nonsense poasts and rolling over into informative posts.  He gave a gentle rebuke and restored order.

This is not one of those official posts to restore order, it's a fun poast meant to inform the new guys on the unwritten courtesies shared by the community.  It will also help you to understand the unorthodox behavior carried on by our community.   These are provided for "fellowship",  so that we do not destroy legitimate posts' comment section with chatter.

On the business side, I don't think you will find a better place to be informed on Steelers news.  We have great Editors, Blitz & DYMS and an awesome historian, MaryRose.  We have many members that are very good at mining fresh information.  On top of that, we have very footbal intelligent members as well.  They will take the time to break down film, stats and football technique & philosophy.  We have mods that aren't trigger happy, but skilled at personal intervention as well.  All of this in a blogspot and more.

Now on to what we call "more".  We have fun.  We have poasts of just about any topic.  These poasts help to build camaraderie while the Steelers media developments are very slow.  We have poasts about the latest movies, rants about what we dislike, parodies about players Steelers and non-Steelers, and more.  These are provided for you to inform and entertain.  I have a feeling they entertain far more than the people we hear from.

Now on to some terminology.  Here are some terms and their definition:

Official terms

Fan Post:  That is what this is.  It is for posts that are lengthy.

Fan Shot: This is for brief posts with a link, picture, or video.  If it's something short please do this and not a Fan Post.


Unofficial terms

Fun poast:  Anything goes except personal attacks, excessive cursing or too much exposure in pictures posted.  Try to keep it tasteful with comments and pictures.  If you mention an actress (actor for ladies I guess) you are required to give us an example in fun poasts, but like I state below, let's keep it clean.  Slasher  :)  Fun poasts are supposed to be used when news is slow (i.e. the off season). 

Poast: generic term that just grew out of nowhere probably started as a typo, but affectionately now means a post that is game for hijacking or waves.

Robble:  Also know as a "wave poast."  I got this from someone and want to make it a term.  This is a poast that is about a subject that has already been beat into the ground, i.e. Ben Roethlisberger poasts earlier in the year.  Ok, we get it, you think Ben is guilty.  Why not say that in one of the other 25 poasts instead of making a Fan Post that you put a bunch of robble robble in to make it 75 words? These poasts end up have waves (see below) in them.

OT: It means "off topic."  This is a fun poast.

TWSS:  An overused term.  We all know what it means.

Troll:  Malor or anyone like him.

wave:  The act of replying to comments in a cascading manner.  Sometimes they rhyme and sometimes that tell stories.  Sometimes they are a game of relationships...i.e. someone comments horse and the next person says zebra, then the next replies to that comment with donkey and so on.  I'm sure someone will give an example of this in the comments field.

I'm going to end this here because I'm tired of typing.  I'm sure others will fill in what I have left out.  Are you all proud of me?  I used no bullets this time.

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