Non-Football: An Updated Guide to BTSC

Last week PixburghArn posted a guide to life on BTSC, and the response led him to believe that an update, incorporating some of the suggestions of other members, would be useful.  I tidied it up a bit and added few brief (for me) contributions, as well as incorporating suggestions by other members.  I will continue to update this if more suggestions come in.  Here it is:


Our fearless leader Michael Bean, a.k.a. "Blizburgh" has laid out the official housekeeping matters in the past, and for the most part everyone has fallen in line.  (Those that didn't were eventually banned - enough said.) There was a period of time where the waves were breaking the breach of nonsense poasts and rolling over into informative posts.  He gave a gentle rebuke and restored order.


This is not one of those official posts to restore order, it's a fun poast meant to inform the new guys fans of the unwritten courtesies shared by the community.  It will also help you to understand the unorthodox behavior carried on by our community.   These are provided for "fellowship", so that we do not destroy a legitimate post's comment section with chatter.


On the business side, I don't think you will find a better place to be informed on Steelers news.  We have great Editors, Blitz & DYMS, and an awesome historian, MaryRose.  We have many members that are very good at mining fresh information.  On top of that, we have very football intelligent members as well.  They will take the time to break down film, stats and football technique & philosophy.  We have mods that aren't trigger happy, but skilled at personal intervention as well.  All of this in a blogspot and more.


Now on to what we call "more".  We have fun.  We have poasts of just about any topic.  These poasts help to build camaraderie when the Steelers media developments are very slow.  We have poasts about the latest movies, rants about what we dislike, parodies about players Steelers and non-Steelers, and more.  These are provided for you to inform and entertain.  I have a feeling they entertain far more than the people we hear from.


Now on to some terminology.  Here are some terms and their definitions:


Official terms


Fan Post:  That is what this is.  It is for posts that are lengthy.


Fan Shot: This is for brief posts with a link, picture, or video.  If it's something short please do this and not a Fan Post. (Note from Momma - the documentation and instructions for Fanshots is not nearly as good as that for Fanposts, and in fact can be rather confusing.  Given that there is no Preview function for Fanshots, some of us are guilty of putting up posts when a fanshot would do, because we aren't sure it is going to look like we intended when it publishes.  Just sayin'.)


Unofficial terms


Avatard: a.k.a. Avatar, the little picture that you choose to represent you on your SBNation member blogs. The origins of Avatard are lost in the mists of time, but most likely, like so much of our unofficial terminology, it began with a typo. The theory was also put forward that "avatard" is "the action of making a picture into an avatar;" e.g. "That picture was so cool that I avatard it."  However, the verb form would be more likely to end in 'ed,' as in 'avatarred,' so it seems likely that it is a noun.


Banhammer: See "Hi5Steeler."


Big Stupid:  This is the name given by, I believe, SoCalSteelerFan to our esteemed QB.  If you can't think why, you haven't been following the Steelers for more than about 15 minutes.


Bullets:  Little round thingys that Arn uses to impress others.  He can't help himself.


Fail: A number of things can generate a Fail designation for one's comment.  (A Post Fail is generally just waved.)  Most common is when the commenter mistakenly clicks the general comment button instead of the reply button, thereby generating a comment that appears to be a response to something else, thus creating confusion, hostility, etc.  A comment fail can also be caused instead by inadequate proof-reading before hitting the Post button.  Comments, sadly, cannot be edited - only deleted by a mod. 


Also see Wave Fail.  An explanation of the term can be found under "Wave."  An explanation of the phenomenon can be found in the dearth of logical thinking in contemporary life.



Fun poast:  Anything goes except personal attacks, excessive cursing or too much exposure in pictures posted.  Try to keep it tasteful with comments and pictures.  If you mention an actress (actor for ladies I guess) you are required to give us an example in fun poasts, but like I state below, let's keep it clean.  Slasher, this means you...  : )


Hi5Steeler: See "Banhammer."


Isaac Redman: Greatest running back of all time.
This stems from last training camp when an unknown RB played really well in the goal line drills. News spread across Steeler nation that we had a RB that could gain a yard when it counted. Images of The Bus crossed everyone’s mind and we all rejoiced. And then Redman was not put on the 53 man roster, and all hell broke loose. There was weeping and gnashing of teeth, Mendenhall was often referred to as wearing a skirt, and in the long run somehow the other 31 teams did not pick up the greatest running back on the face of the earth. Redman subsequently joined the practice squad.  



The Jump:  The little row of stars in a post (or poast, for that matter).  When used by a poster, these serve the function of limiting the amount of text displayed on a front page article.  When not used, they serve the function of annoying Johnny S and others whose mobile devices are messed up for some mysterious reason by too much text before the jump.  Johnny's a mod, so it's probably not a good idea to annoy him.


LeCharles Bentley: The solution to all offensive line problems. This one goes back a couple years to just after Bentley was cut by the Browns and we had some jerk called Mahan pretending to play center. There were a few poasters who believed quite firmly (and told us about it in frequent/multiple fan posts) that our O-Line would be the best in the business if we just picked up Bentley. Sadly we did not and went on to win a Super Bowl.


Lightning Rod: A beloved escaped mental patient who used to flit around BTSC, leaving behind insane poasts on Comrade Mike Tomlin and his KGB mind games. He will be forever missed by the BTSC faithful.



MaLoR*:  See "Troll."


Maryrose: The ghost of Steelers past. If you want to gain pride in being a Steelers fan, read maryrose’s posts or buy his book. That’s right HIS book. Maryrose is a guy, well technically from what I understand Mary Rose is a girl, his daughter and a bigger steeler fan then any of the rest of us, but the fellow posting under the name Maryrose is a guy.


Mod: a.k.a. moderator.  One of the people that can edit or purge your post for inappropriate material, warn you to stop fighting with your brother, I mean your  fellow BTSCer's, and so on.  In other words, they are a bit like your mom, only more tolerant.  On the other hand, they don't love you like your momma does, but can probably be bribed.  It may or may not have been tried.  Honestly, officer, I didn't see a thing...


OT: It means "off topic."  This is a fun poast.


Poast: a generic term that just grew out of nowhere. It probably started as a typo, but affectionately now means a post that is game for hijacking or waves.


Profanity:  A banned substance on BTSC, which, like so many banned substances, gets more or less attention depending on the circumstances and the user.  Like other banned substances, it often substitutes for mental or physical effort.  Body parts may or may not qualify as profanity, again depending on the body part and the context.  


QUACK: a generic term coined by Hi5 Steeler. Used when he was at a loss for words, or when his caps lock temporarily failed, presumably from exhaustion.


Robble:  Also know as a "wave poast."  I got this from someone and want to make it a term.  This is a poast that is about a subject that has already been beaten into the ground, i.e. Ben Roethlisberger poasts earlier in the year.  Ok, we get it, you think Ben is guilty.  Why not say that in one of the other 25 poasts instead of making a Fan Post that you put a bunch of robble robble in to make it 75 words? These poasts usually end up getting waved.


Rookie Post:  The maiden voyage of a site member, whether one who has been lurking for many moons or one who has just stumbled across the awesomeness that is BTSC.  Generally speaking, rookie posts by the former are much more successful and well received than those by the latter, as the long-time lurker has had plenty of time to observe the small courtesies that make internet life more comfortable for all.  This guide will hopefully serve as a bit of a short cut.  


Sarcasm Font: A font that would indicate when a commenter is being ironic and/or sarcastic.  This font, which would be incredibly useful, is at this point merely an idea, and is not actually available on BTSC.  Several standard abbreviations/emoticons, such as j/k,  : ), and so on currently are often used in its place, but these are not really satisfactory alternatives.


Troll:  See "MaLoR."


TWSS:  An overused term, or more properly, acronym.  We all know what it means.


Wake and Bake:  A term best used extremely sparingly in social media by NFL players wishing to be re-signed.


Wave:  The act of replying to comments in a cascading manner.  Sometimes they rhyme and sometimes that tell stories.  Sometimes they are a game of relationships...i.e. someone comments horse and the next person says zebra, then the next replies to that comment with donkey and so on.  I'm sure someone will give an example of this in the comments field.


But the Wave is much more than just a fun way to rob one's employer of one's time.  It is, in fact, BTSC's version of existential nihilism, in which some portion of the general community asserts that a given post is without meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value.  This existential nihilism must be carefully distinguished from ontological nihilism - a Wave represents the complete opposite.  In fact, it affirms that not only is knowledge possible, but that a certain amount of unique knowledge is expected in people's posts. 


A Wave also requires a certain amount of spatial intelligence, and the lack thereof amongst certain members creates what is known as a Fail.  This term is presumably self-explanatory.



*a closeted Steelers fan masquerading as a Ravens fan. No explanation necessary - you all know what I’m talking about.



Thanks to Chicago Steeler, EnglishSteelerGotBanned, WVPiratesFan and H-burgSTEEL fanatic for their suggestions.  


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