Steelers Camp - Where to get your Information

Alright, for the first time in years I am among the group of unlucky Steelers fans that don't get to go to camp this year. So when at work today looking for possible sources to get my daily fix of Steelers information, I started asking myself that other people might be feeling the same way I do - nuts about our team, starving for any piece of information we can get. If that sounds familiar, this post just might be a nice start for you.

My plan is to assemble an extensive collection of links and articles where Steelers crazys like you and I can get inside info on the day-to-day happenings as well as the overarching themes in Latrobe. I will not go over specific articles from local or national media, which would be redundant with the series "That's what they said". If you have links for those, please let NYSteelersFan4 know so that he can incorporate them into his feature. Also, as my disclaimer, this list is merely a stub and far from complete. If you have sources other than the ones I have listed, please leave them in the comments so that I can incorporate them into this post.

The Papers:

First things first, the obvious. As most of you probably know, Pittsburgh has two main newspapers that cover the Steelers regularly. That would be the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, who will both have their own beat writers and camera teams at St. Vincent to cover camp, both in writing and in video, on a daily basis. If you are looking for in-depth articles and interviews as well as quick notes, these are where you will find most of your information.


The Internet Sites

  • The official site - not as in-depth and expansive as the Trib or the Post-Gazette, but still nice regular articles that wrap up the happenings at camp. Their video section already has a ton of content from it, mainly move-in videos and player interviews. Something to check out for every fan. Also usually sports a ton of pictures. Finally, the forum is not generally recommendable, but does have some jewels of ridiculously detailed daily recaps (as in describing every single snap during practice) every now and then. If I stumble across one of those, I will let you know.
  • CBS RapidReports - known to many on here from tannofsteel's informative posts earlier this offseason, the RapidReports are a great way to get information quick and in bullet-point format. However, as has been pointed out his his posts, those reports are not always 100% correct or logical. Best if read with other sources as additional material.
  • ESPN's AFC North Blog - James Walker does a great job of covering all four teams in our division about equally. Sometime this camp, he will visit Latrobe and give an extensive report on it - but don't expect him to ignore the Steelers for the time in between. Additionally, a great way to get an inside look at how our division rivals are doing at camp.
  • The SteelCity Insider - this great Steeler site mainly consists of information that can only be reached when paying a fee. However, as I found during last year's training camp, every now and then a couple of free articles tease those of us who don't pay, and they are always worth a read. Definitely make sure to check this site out every so often, even if you are not a member.
  • NFL from the sidelines (via _ET_) - A blog by Dale Lolley, Steelers beat reporter from the Observer-Reporter (a local newspaper headquartered in Washington, PA). I had not been aware his blog so far, but a a quick look at his entries from last training camp shows them to be very detailed and informative. I will definitely check this site out regularly.
  • Speaking of the Blogs - Aside from this beautiful site, there are other Steeler blogs floating around there on the world wide web. One For The Other Thumb is one of them, with it's not-so-serious take on Steeler issues. If you are looking for some laughter in between the info, this might just be right for you. Other blogs like Steelers Gab, PostGameHeroes, or Steelers Depot are out there too, but I haven't been on them enough to evaluate them properly. Again, if you have, please let me know in the comments.
  • Saint Vincent College - yes, the college hosting the camp since 45 years has some coverage of the Steelers as well. While the articles on the main page are kinda insightful, what I am looking forward to the most here is the video section in which interviews, and general reports are supposed to be added on a regular basis. We'll see how extensive it is in the next couple days, which will determine whether it stays on the list or not.
  • NFL Network (via WVPiratesFan) - as a national outlet, the focus here will not be on the Steelers for most of the time. However, I do remember them having specials every now and then about visiting different camps. Apparently, they are also a decent source for general information.



  • The Players - So far, I have assembled Troy Polamalu, Ryan Clark, Lawrence Timmons, LaMarr Woodley, Hines Ward, and Mike Wallace. A few accounts that have not been verified (via gsiegel): Stevenson Sylvester, Ryan Mundy, Thad Gibson, Frank Summers, William Gay, and Ramon Foster. You can be sure that at least some of them will write one thing or the other about camp. Also, I am sure there are more of our players with Twitter accounts out there, so if you know any hit me up.
  • The experts - This is where I am at the most need for help. I have Jim Wexell, the Steelers beat writer from SteelCity Insider (see above) who last year supplied Steelers fans with great tidbits about camp over his twitter account. Ken Laird, host of the Steelers shows on ESPN Radio in Pittsburgh, will also be in Latrobe to give updates. Judy Battista covers Steelers camp for the New York Times. Aside from that though, I have not found any Twitter accounts of Steelers beat writers. Have you?


Feel free to let me know what to add on to this posts! Like I said, I hope to assemble a list of sources that is as extensive as possible, so any kind of information will be appreciated. Just one more night until camp!

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