I'm Pissed: No suspension for Cedric Benson

Alright pardon me if I rant a few moments.


Thine Fuhrer has been known recently to dole out the punishment like Super Nanny on steroids. As such a man he leveled a heap of hurt on Mr. Ben Roethlisberger, despite Big Ben's never having been in a jail cell... ever.


Turn one's head over the man they call Cedric Benson. He is now a Bungle. As a Bungle it is his civil duty to be arrested for some retarded crime. And CB did not disappoint. He managed to punch somebody in a bar and lo and behold, get arrested.


Lets take a walk back in time. Its the summer of 2008. Benson's reeling from a few rough years in Chicago where he's been nothing but an injury prone backup to Thomas Jones. He starts hittin the bottle. Who could blame him? Hell, he wasn't even in Cincinatti yet! He had two alcohol related arrests in just 5 weeks. 

And folks they weren't just good ole "come out with your hands up" style arrests. The first was on a boat (going fast) while tipsy. All well and good. But then Benson decides to RESIST ARREST, and required pepper spray to put him down.

After refusing to take a breathalyzer test on a roadside pullover, he was booked into country for a bit, let out on bail. He later had a breathalyzer INSTALLED IN HIS CAR!!!


Are these signs of bad character? Sure. League leading examples in how to be a good person, hell no! Immature, irresponsible, and just stupid? Yes yes and YES!

And Benson puts the punctuation mark on it by punching a bartender in the face.

Now, one MUST expect thine Fuhrer to be fuhrerious and immediately suspend this ignornant man for at least 2-4 games. Certainly so. After all if you can kill 1/4th of a season to a player who never even was arrested, certainly you could for a man who's been there done that 3 times, resisted arrest, failed to cooperate with the PoPo, and physically assaulted a guy (with evidence and witnesses).


But nope. No suspension for Cedric. Goodell is a two faced heartless bastard. His claims to clean up the league are total bullshit and he's blinder than a bat in a burlap sack being beated with fireplace pokers. I swear if he's ever visiting Lima Peru I will find a way to make his vacation hellacious. He's a fool who overreacts on a few accounts to have a hard-ass appearance, but then when a real repeat offender comes along, he turns his head.

Perhaps he's trying to shake that racist label that came on him recently. But who gives an old womans diaper? He should be fair across the board. And its a Bengal for Satan's Sake! He's somebody who is practically a repeat offender simply by his being on the team. The whole damn squad needs a week in county. But nope. Nothing. Because he's a lying bastard who deserves to have his insides soaked with kerosene and lit aflame by a roman candle inserted directly in his rectum.


I hate Roger Goodell and he stanks!

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