Just Back from Latrobe - again

Actually I got home 10 hours ago, sorry I was too tired to post last night. Anyway, here are some observations. Bear in mind that you can't watch every thing all of the time, there is just too much going on on three fields.


Stop the presses!! It seems that David Johnson *can* catch a cold. I only saw him miss one pass and that was thrown way over his head in individual drills. He caught some nice ones in team drills.


On the other hand, Sean McHugh caught  everything as well.


Jonathan Dwyer looked a little lost at times, but I liked what I saw. He was stopped short of the line of scrimmage  on one play and had some guys on the ground in front of him so he went over the top of the pile to pick up another two yards. Another he ran into Keisel and didn't get much there. He also went up the middle for some nice gains. He has some learning to do, but he has a motor.


Mendy looked good. He did drop one pass he should have had. He also stayed on the field after practice along with Justin Vincent and had someone throwing balls to them.


There was some guy yelling things like "Go Redman." Really annoying! (sorry Momma, couldn't resist :-))


With as little work as I've heard Charley Batch is getting, he still looks like he could walk into a game knowing where everyone is on the field and probably where most of the people were in the stands, by name.


People forgot to tell Tyler Grisham that he wouldn't make the team. He looked good. got open, came back when the QB was in trouble and, oh yeah, he caught the ball.


Pouncy plays hard. Ziggy plays all out all of the time.


Antonio Brown had a good day, other than the ball he coughed up after Anthony Madison *leveled* him.


Ben had a couple of incomplete passes. One to Wallace that from my angle looked wide to the right. I don't recall who the other was to.


The crowd cheered Ben when he took of to his right when no one was open. He was again cheered when he came to the fence to sign autographs. He signed everything people tried to hand to him. We left  30 or 35 minutes after practice has over. Ben was still going strong.


Justin Hartwig stayed after practice snapping to a holder, while Jeff Reed watched. Troy stayed catching balls (along with a couple of players who I couldn't identify. They had their helmets on and their numbers off)  Hines and Mike Wallace stayed and were running.


Randle-El still can move but he isn't in the same league as Wallace or Logan on returns.


I haven't looked at them yet, but I may have some photos later. I'll need to see how they turned out, most of the practice was pretty far from where we were sitting.

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