Preseason Driveby: My wife hindered my post edition

This driveby is not very detailed.  I have my excuse.  My excuse is entered right below the jump.

I watched the game on NFL Network, but my wife was barking out orders at me.  She was cleaning and I had to go get the vacuum, pick up my clothes next to the hamper, and dust my nightstand and such.  How dare you interrupt my game, even if I was taping it at the moment.  I really didn't get to watch the game as I would have liked to (distracted and watching muted), but I did see enough to make some mental notes.


Anyhow, let's get to letting the bullets fly.


1. When was the last time announcers had something good to say about our line?  They actual said some good things.  They noted that our linemen were getting downfield and blocking.  They did say Pouncey missed a block, but hey....he was down field.  That's half the battle.


2.  Adams didn't look slow against the speed rusher.  I mean physically he didn't look slow, but he looked mentally slow.  He looked a little indecisive and didn't react very well.  I have my eye on him.


3. The receiving corps.  I'm impressed with the speed.  I also think they were open more than the numbers show.  The QBs made some bad throws and just flat out didn't see them at times.  This group has some SPEED.  They could make a 2 minute drill very interesting.


4.  QB decision:  There is no clear cut choice here.  Each has different things to offer.  Dixon did some good things, but he also missed a lot opportunities.  Leftwich has a lack of touch at times.  Ok most of the time.  He had touch on one pass; the pass that he needed to put some more gas on.  He underthrew Wallace.  Dixon is more unorthodox, but has intangibles.  Leftwich is more technically sound (pocket discipline).  If Dixon is gameplanned I could see some problems.  I have said in the past let the young fella take the reigns.  I still lean that way, but not as much as before.  With a strong running game, Leftwich can do the job.  If there is a lack of running game, Dixon could add something that will keep the defense honest. 


5. Wallace:  If your corner is caught running one on one with him, your only hope is an underthrow.


6. Timmons:  In space he can kill your QB or your RB.  I like how he filled the hole at times.  I know he really appreciates having A. Smith back.  Keeps the bigs off of him.


7. Keenan Lewis:  I like what I saw.  Take away the push off for a TD and he pretty much played well.  I'll have to look at that play again.  I'm not sure where he was positioned at the snap.


8. Rush-hard Spin-den-haul:  Why does he keep running with the ball like he's on NFL Blitz?  Walking around with the ball isn't working.  How about having to walk around with his finger in his nose?  That worked for one of my RBs.


9. Redman:  I would like to see him gets some plays with the first team.  Regardless he can't go on the practice squad this year.  I'd like to see the pad level lower.  If he gets that done he could bring the pain. It took more than one person to tackle him as it was.  I think getting JB as a RB coach would be a good thing. 


10. Sylvester:  Suffering succotash.  He's got a motor.  Granted he's playing against the LIONS' third team, but he stood out.  Lost a sack because he didn't wrap the QB up.


11.  Deebo:  Once again he looked like Mighty Mouse.  He made a Detroit's Tackle (didn't pay attention whom it was) look like a tree getting run over by a VW Bug.  Poor guy not called for tripping because his legs came up like a dead bug.


12.  Question:  Who was the chick that NFL network kept showing in the stands?  When they zoomed in on her will it was pouring, she was saying something and looked like she was ticked.


13.  Ok your turn.  Number 13 is for you.

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