Projected 53 man roster

I know this is premature after one preseason game, but here is my updated roster and depth chart. 









Batch (Until Ben returns)




Moore (3rd down?) 






Randle El









D. Johnson























QB:  I know many of us would like to see Dixon get more of a chance in the pre-seaon, but all reports seem to indicate he continues to make mental mistakes in practice.  Consequently, I'm going with Lefty for now.  I assume we release Batch (or ask him to coach) when Ben returns as our starter.

HB:   Mendy and Redman are obviously the 1-2 punch for us.  The only controvercy here is Dwyer.  If he stayed in shape after OTAs and then played well in the pre-season, he may have stirred the pot, but i think we can all agree he a huge disappointment and not the "steal of the draft" as we all hoped.  Based upon his potential lack of desire, he is either released or he goes to the PS. 

FB:  I know we just signed the new FB, but I don't see him beating out Summers, who won the starting job last year before getting hurt. 

WR:  We have to keep six this year.  There is just no way either Sanders or Brown make it to the PS.  So, unless we're okay with losing either of them, we have to keep them on the 53.  In light of the money thrown at Battle and Randle El, we're not cutting either of this guys.  I'm hoping Brown does well as a PR/KR because that will mean we can release Logan.  I love Logan for his heart and desire, but we have some great young players this year on both sides of the ball, so if we can find someone that at least equal his production and contribute at another position, Logan has to go  Grisam, London, and Thomas have reportedly done well, but not well enough to make the team.

TE:  It goes without saying that Miller, the best TE in football, is the MAN.  From my perspective, it is time to cut ties with Spaeth.  Johnson is a better run block and McHugh has better hands.  Bright can on the PS and we are pretty solid at this position for the foreseeable future.

OT:  Starks and Adams are obviously going to start.  I'd be really happy if Foster beat out Adams, but that seems unlikely.  It pains me to say this, but it looks like we need Hills for one more year.  Although he apparently still has moments of inconsistentcy, he had a couple of great block against Detroit and Scott has just about stunk up the joint.  That was a waste of time, effort, and money in the FA market.  I don't know abything about Jolly, so I assume he is going to the PS.  Finally, if Adams goes down, we move Essex out to tackle and then play either Urbik, Foster, or Legusky at OG.   

OG:  Kemo and Essex  have the two starting spots locked up.  I was really hoping that either Foster or Urbik would beat out Essex, but that does not appear likely.  As noted above, we have good depth at OG and should be solid at this position.  Brooks is either cut or goes to the PS.

C:  It is time to say goodbye to Hartwig and start the era of the Steelers' next great Center.  As noted by others on this site, Pouncey has just been killing it in camp and he put on a show in the Detroit game.  Additionally, letting Hartwig walk saves us $2 million that can be used for some of our RFAs.  It also lets us retain one of the younger OGs and give them more time to develop.  Keeping Legusky makes all kinds of sene because he a good center and I love it when they line him at FB in the Bronco package.  He just destroys people at the point of attack.













S. Harris








































DE:  I realize the coaches love Eason, but I think it is time to move towards younger players, at least in the back-up positions.  I think we keep Harris no matter what, but my real concern is Worthington.  Like Brown and Sanders, there is no way this kid makes it through waivers.  He has the perfect build, 6'5, 292, for the 3-4 DE position, he played the exact postion at Ohio State, and he's done very well in camp with limited practice time because of NFL rules.  Having Hood, Harris, and Worthington to spell our starters would be a perfect breath of fresh air in a game.  It would also provide a great blend of youth and experience.

NT:  The same logic concerning Eason applies to Hoke at this position.  Although Hoke is rather deserving of being kept,.I'm looking  at this from the long term perspective.  Harris will be claimed by another team,. Hoke has maybe a year or two left.  I know that may be cold, but from big picture perspective, going with Harris over Hoke is in the best interests of the team.

ILB:  As above, the starting positions are locked down with Farrior and Timmons.  Foote and Fox are clearly the back-ups and that is obviously a settled issued.  The only issue is Sylvester.  At 6'2, 231, he is a little on the small side and he will always have to be aware of the need to get low when taking on blockers at the point of attack.  That said, the kid can play.  He can run, hit, and tackle extremely well and, like Brown, Sanders, and Worthington, he will be snatched off waivers faster than we can blink.  I know the Steelers usually keep 8 LBs total, but we can't lose this kid.  Farrior will only give us another year or two before he moves on  and Foote and Fox (30 and 28, respectively) are also starting to get on in years.  Keeping Sylvester now makes sense from the long-term and the short term because I think having Timmons and Sylevster on the field in obvious passing situations gives Coach Dad a great deal of speed to use in his schemes. I know Bailey has played well for us on ST, but I'm sure Sylvester can do just as well and I imagine the coaches are looking at that fact.  Coach T also apparently loves Renauld Williams.  I didn't see anything great about him, but he might be a dark horse in this case.

OLB:  This seems pretty obvious to me.  With Deebo getting up in years and Woodley not resigned yet, we have to keep both Worilds and Gibson.  Not only that, but we have no depth at this position.  I've read that some are considering putting Gibson on the PS and using Timmons or one of the other ILB at OLB.  I respectively disagree with that proposition and think it would be a huge mistake.  First, Gibson will not make it to the PS.  He just has too much skill as a pass ruster for any of the teams that have switched over to the 3-4 to let him pass.  Second, while any of the ILB's may be able to rush the passer in a similar fashion to any of the OLB's, the ILBs just don't have the size and strength to hold the point of attack as an OLB.  We need this kid for the future and right now for depth. 

CB:  The only real controvercy here is William Gay.  Do we keep this kid or go with Butler?  Butler has had a terrific camp.  At 6'0, 191, he bigger and, apparently, faster than Gay.  Additionally, in light of how quickly Gay was dropped when we re-acquired McFadden, i assume the coaches no longer believe Gay has what it takes to serve as a starter in our defense.  If so, I say cut the cord now and go with the younger, more physically talented player in Butler.  Assuming Burnett can play the nickel, in an ideal world, we trade Gay for a late-round draft pick next year.  Finally, we keep Madison because of his demon-like play on ST.  Cutting him last year was an obvious mistake and we need this guy. 

SS/FS:  Da'Mon Cromartie-Smith ("DCS???")  appears to be the only player worth mentioning here.  He won't beat out Allen and  I'm not sure if he beats out Mundy.  I doubt it.   In previous posts, I'd given up on Mundy, but he seems to have worked his butt off and he really understands our D now.  I saw him make some plays against Detroit and he seemed bigger than his lised 6'2, 211.  I'd like to see him on the PS.     

SPECIAL TEAMS: No explanation necessary

K: Reed

P: Sepulveda

LS: Warren

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