Rapid Reports Pre-season Edition

About 22 days.  Thats how long it is until the Season starts.  I can't wait, its been too long, as a fan more football is good football.  As a player well they'll take one for the team right?  Just think the season would be about 10 days away if it was an 18 game schedule.  Work has been busy for me but its almost over.  I told my boss I needed more time to do my rapid reports and that the increase workload was cutting into my BTSC time.  I got a blank stare.

Aw well.  I tried folks.

Coach Mike Tomlin said C Justin Hartwig would start against the Giants, but Maurkice Pouncey will play with the "ones" as well.

Hartwig better watch his rear, literally.  But he knew his time was coming to an end here as soon as Pouncey's name was announced in the draft.  Lets hope he considers competing for the RG spot until we draft someone that puts him in retirement.  Its not like he has much of a choice at this point in his career.

RB Jonathan Dwyer (shoulder), DL Steve McLendon (knee) and OL Chris Scott (foot) will not play Saturday against the Giants.

I hope Dwyer injury clears up before the 4th pre season game so we get to see him more.  Anyone who says 'this is why he fell to the 6th round' should be barred from commenting, no one can foresee injuries and that isn't why he fell to the 6th round.  <sarcasm> Although he could be the biggest bust of the draft. </sarcasm>

RB Isaac Redman is battling shin splints but should be fine for the Giants game Saturday.

That should read shin splints are battling and losing against Isaac Redman.

Coach Mike Tomlin on CB Keenan Lewis getting more playing time in 2010: "It's too early to tell. I like his energy. We're expecting him to contribute in a big way, to be quite frank with you."

This means seriously, our CB corps should be much better and deeper than last year's.  Gay might not make the team if Butler and Burnett show enough.  Anthony Madison's special teams play makes it hard to cut him too.  It'll be very interesting to how this plays out.

WR Antonio Brown will get a close look as a punt and kickoff returner against the Giants on Saturday. If he performs well, it will put even more pressure on incumbent Stefan Logan to make the roster. 

If he performs well you can kiss Logan good bye.

QB Ben Roethlisberger will not only make his first preseason appearance Saturday against the Giants, but word is that he'll start the preseason finale against the Carolina Panthers on September 2.

And our Dennis Dixon prayers will go unheeded.  

The team worked on fumble drills for the second consecutive day. The Steelers have a boxing glove tied to a long stick and they try to poke the ball out of the runners' hands.

How about we just put stickum on Mendy's hands and just use a new ball after each carry.  

One area rookie LB Thaddeus Gibson doesn't need work on is his pass rushing skills. Those are already at an NFL level, as demonstrated by his wreaking havoc throughout training camp

New nightmares for flacco.  The LB tradition continues with the Steelers.  Now he just need to work on holding the point and stuffing the run and playing in space and covering receivers and we have the next in line LB.

Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians stated that he may use both QBs, Byron Leftwich andDennis Dixon , in the first four games until Ben Roethlisberger returns.

He'd better.  I gotta feeling Leftwich is going to stall out after a while.

RB Jonathan Dwyer on his shoulder injury from the Lions game: "I'm fine. It was just a little stinger. It's frustrating. I'm just going to do what I can to get back and help this team." 

If you're fine then why are you being held out the second game.  I don't get it.  Not a good sign but don't know what you can take from it.

QB Byron Leftwich on the problems with the first team against the Lions on Saturday: "We weren't clicking very well. That happens in the first preseason game. Good thing we've got three more."

That kind of play better stay with the first pre season game, if it carries over we're in trouble.

Rookie LB Jason Worilds, who's been battling a hamstring injury all through camp, will play against the Giants. "He's going to get a look. I don't know how extensive it will be," coach Mike Tomlin said. 

Hopefully Worilds can show some stuff even with the hamstring injury.  That would be impressive and bode well for the future.  The front office could have hit three homeruns at the LB position this year.  Its too early to tell but as I say good reports are better than no reports/bad reports.  Pretty exciting IMO.

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