For those of you that love High School Football

Hello fellow BTSCers.  I'm just dropping in for a second to give you some news on the SW Ohio front.  I know there are a few of you that are Ohio State fans.  Those of you that do will probably like this post.

I have mentioned over the last two years that my local school, Wayne High School has Ohio State's next QB as their starter.  His name is Braxton Miller.  He has a full-page feature in the Aug. 2-9 Sports Illustrated. I have watched this kid from the time he took over the starting job as a Freshman.  He has been electrifying since the day he took the field. 


Braxton got his team into the playoffs as a Freshman playing at the Division 1 level.  I've seen him singlehandedly take over games.  I saw him rally his team in the 4th quarter as a Freshman against top caliber division 1 teams.  He followed that up with a come from behind victory against nationally ranked and bluechip riddled East St. Louis the first game of his Sophomore year. 


The only thing that has kept him from advancing past the second round in the Ohio Division 1 playoffs is injuries.  I have to admit the coaching staff has always been in his best interest.  They coddle him when it comes to injuries.  If they are in doubt they will hold him out. 


An example, his Sophomore year they were in a second round playoff game with nationally ranked Cincinnati Colerain.  Colerain prides itself on a nasty running game and solid defense. Braxton had been held out with a high ankle sprain for the previous 9 weeks.  He was medically cleared to play.  Everyone knew the only way Wayne stood a chance was for Braxton to play.  The coaching staff chose to keep him out. Colerain went on to win 21-7 and lost a close match with eventual state runner-up Elder.


He verbally committed to Ohio State and the media has been hanging around ever since.  Braxton is much like Pryor, only Pryor is bigger.  Braxton is 6'2" 200 lbs.  Braxton is deceptive.  He is stronger and faster than he looks.  Another thing he has is escapability and elusiveness.  He is a "homerun hitter" with his feet and his arm. 


One of the problems with Braxton's development was the offense he was in and the inability to effectively use his skills.  This year they have a new offensive coordinator at Wayne High School and the results so far are evident.


If you are into watching prep stars here is a guy for you to watch.  I will see him live every week, but you will have a few chances to watch for yourself and maybe chime in.  I will be posting some things (if there is any interest) about him as the year goes on.  Here are some dates to check him out this year:


Sun., Aug. 29 vs. Cin. Moeller at St. Xavier, 7 p.m., Skyline Chili Crosstown Showdown, ESPNU


Sun., Sept. 5 vs. Canton McKinley, at Ohio Stadium, 3:30 p.m., Kirk Herbstreit Series, ESPNU


Notice the Sept 5 game is at the Horseshoe.

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