Monday 8/2 Training Camp impressions

Stomach all aflutter, I drove to Latrobe today for my first ever Training Camp, and after being lead down the garden path by my phone map application, I eventually managed to find the end of the rainbow.  And there was a big pot of (black and) gold at the end of it.  I'll share it, after the jump.

I'll try not to witter on (that is an old-fashioned word, not to be confused with Twitter) about how surprised I was by how camp works.  Frankly, I spent the first hour or so alternately trying to figure out what they were doing, and pouring water down my back - it was hot out there, my friends.  My notes from the first hour are semi-coherent jottings, such as "Memo looks great" and "Ben and Jeff didn't stretch with the rest of the guys."  And speaking of Ben, he really is thin - his legs look as little as Dennis Dixon's.  


But eventually I realized that I was never going to be able to follow everything on the field (since there were about six different things going on at any one time) and just relaxed and watched what was closest.  

I saw a lot of WR drills, and I have to say that Hines looks fabulous.  He caught a deep ball that was overthrown with one hand extended way in the air, and by gum if he didn't do more or less the same thing a few minutes later.  I suppose we could speculate that the overthrown balls were because he wasn't fast enough, but he looked fairly nippy to me.  One thing that amused me - Antonio Brown fumbled a catch in the short ball drills, and so he hit the ground and did 10 pushups.  I thought maybe that was the standard punishment, but I saw other people fumble or miss balls, and nobody else did any pushups...  I'm afraid I wasn't blown away by Randle El.  On the other hand, Emmanuel Sanders looked great.  Mikey looked fast.  He did drop a low pass from Leftwich.


From the QB end, they traded off pretty evenly for most of the drills.  It was really interesting to watch the four QBs in succession.  Ben was, well, Ben.  He looked totally comfortable and in charge.  Dixon was very quick getting rid of the ball, and took off out of the pocket a couple of times when they ran a full snap.  William Gay intercepted one of his passes - doh...  Now if he can just do that to an opposing QB.  (I have to say that Gay looks fast this year, and not clueless.)  Leftwich seemed to me to be the least accurate of the four- maybe he was having a bad day.  He looks like he's heaving a hay bale when he throws the ball.  Charlie looked good in the drills - I didn't see him in the full snaps.


I'm not sure if I was imagining it, but I think Ben might have actually thrown a ball away.  He took off running, and finally bailed.  But that might have been heat-induced delirium...  


The other thing I saw a good bit of was the running back drills.  And, as much fun as we've been having with the Redman discussions, I have to say he looked terrific - I have several scribbled notes like "great catch for Redman," "Redman busts through," etc.   If Rashard was in the mix I never saw him.  Both Memo and Justin Vincent busted off a couple of long runs.


And speaking of such things, Stefan Logan had a really long return, as did Joe Burnett.  


I only saw Troy in one play.  (The defense was mostly on the opposite side of the field, except for the snaps at the last part of practice, so I don't know how much or little he was doing the rest of the day.)  He stood in the backfield, looking like he was hardly paying attention, and then suddenly he was right where the ball was, ready to take down Mike Wallace.  Amazing.


Well, that's it for today's impressions, except for one comment - you always knew where Coach Tomlin was.  That is because he was the guy in the long-sleeved black shirt and the long black pants.  Someone nearby said that Coach said he wears that because that way no one can complain about being too hot...


If you enjoy my ramblings, I'll be happy to keep posting what I see - I'll be going for the next 3 days, and at least some days in the next few weeks, I hope.  If not, let me know and I'll shut up...

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