Preseason Driveby Report: More distractions, but I got'er done

I got to see a little bit more this game than I did the Lions game, however I was distracted.  My daughter came back from Peru last week.  When I first saw her I was thinking, "Something looks wrong."  Well, after about 24 hours I realized her lips were blue.  She's normally Rod Woodson's color but she has a deep tan from being in the jungle, so I thought her lips just matched. The doctor came back Friday and told us she has pneumonia, so I have been waiting on her over the weekend.

Anyhow, I did watch the game and didn't get a chance to review it, so I'll go from memory.  I never take written notes but I at least watch games twice before I do these.  So give me some slack if I miss something significant, because I'm still in preseason training for the opener.

Ok, I've got it loaded and ready to go:

1. Leftwich: He still under threw Wallace, but Wallace had so much room he slowed down and it seemed like he didn't.  He did pretty well.  One thing I liked was how he stood in the pocket and delivered.  I also think my mind is deceiving me because I think I saw him scramble for yardage.  Tell me I was dreaming.  He didn't do anything to deserve demotion.

2. Wallace:  He's more than a deep threat.  He catches short as well as long.  He's no Willie Gault.  He has ball skills and speed.  Folks, this guy is a second year receiver.  Receivers usually don't catch on until year 4.  This just in:  He's good.

3. A. Brown:  This cat is something else.  As a returner if he would quit tripping he would be taking some of these to the house.  I think he made someone hurt himself when he put a move on them on a kickoff return.   Logan did well on KOs too, but Brown did well on both.

4. E. Sanders:  This kid is polished.  I like what he has to offer.  If you get a chance watch him when the ball isn't thrown to him.  When they get the tape of the Giants game, I bet they give some plays for him.  There will probably never be another Lynn Swann, but Sanders can make that 88 look good again.  I'm thinking I'll be able to share more on him next week.

5. Dixon:  Say what you want, but he hasn't flinched.  He's made things happen consistently.  He still doesn't go through his progressions very quickly, but he's getting it done.  As a matter of fact that's the only thing that concerns me.  Even though, I think he can get the job done.  More in the next bullet.

6. QB battle:  There is still no clear cut choice to me.  I think both can do certain things well.  Leftwich has no touch at all, unless you call rifling the ball down field to Wallace and since he has to slow down, thus the ball falls into his hands making it look like it has touch.  He gets the ball there in a hurry.  That's a good think for passes like the Randle El one inside the 10. Dixon tends to not get through his progressions and misses some reads, but he makes plays consistently. Until he plays with the 1's we will never really know. So I stand on the fence leaning to Dixon's side.  Not saying Leftwich can't pull me other to his side.

7. These are some big bullets.

8. Redman:  The hype that was at first just wishful thinking, which turned to farcical and now elevating itself to legitimate.  He can play both fullback and halfback.  Redman: the self-fulfilling prophecy.

9. Sylvester:  More flashes of playmaking ability. 

10. Timmons:  Beast.  I like how he filled the hole.  Granted he was free because of the great job up front.  I also think he may soon "shed" that label of not being able to shed blocks.  He's still working on it, but I saw at least one play where he did well.  Not enough evidence yet.

11. Farrior:  He must have been reading some of the poasts on here.  He showed some quickness at times.

12.  Foote:  He made a hit on the QB and I thought it was Timmons for a sec.  We have some beast LBs, though I'm still puzzled at how running backs are getting outside on us.

13. D-Line:  I have to give it to these big boys, they are doing work.  Aaron Smith is awesome.  We have to say that because he doesn't get any props outside of SW Pa.  Anyhow these guys are doing their thing.  It was also good to see Keisel get the diesel running again.

14. Anthony Madison:  Don't count him out just yet.  I may be wrong but I think he was subbed for and the Giants made it hurt.

15. Ben:  He's Ben.  I really hope the throw to Wallace slipped out of his hand.  He waited too long to throw it anyways.  He made plays when they had to be made.

16. Ike:  What the heck were you thinking Ike?  That wasn't Tina and that dude is wearing a helmet.  I understand that you could wear a cast and play the same way you do but that's not the point.  It brought back memories of DJ Johnson getting kicked out of a playoff game (where he could have been the difference) against the Chiefs.  As Fred Sanford would say, "You Big dummy!"

17. I looked at the Lions game again just to see what that cougar in the stands said.  She said something like this "What's the big deal?" "It's just rain it's not going to kill you."  "They’re a bunch of wimps."  If you are that woman please email me with the actual transcript of what you said and your phone number.  Just kidding....maybe

18. The announcers said that the Detroit defensive line dominated the Steelers offensive line last week when the first teams were playing.  I don't remember that.  We pretty much killed our own drives.  The Lions D-line did ok, but not dominant.  Then again like I said I didn't give full attention to that game.  Someone help me here.

19. B-Mac: Did well.  He had pretty good coverage on the long catch by Smith.

20. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaath: Love that guy. by the way Spaeth caught a pass

21. Red Zone right before half:  I missed the first play on 1st and goal.  A Leftwich sneak is not what I would have done.  Run the ball with an RB.  We need to work on that.

22. Here ya go....have fun. 

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