My two cents on tonights game

I missed the first quarter tonight, so I can't comment on that. That being, said there were still some interesting things I witnessed.


 Stupidist thing I heard all night: After Charlie Batch made a couple of nice plays resulting in a late TD, Troy Aikman says something to the effect of  "Now Charlie Batch has put himself in the middle of this QB situation" .

Some things that I think were cemented tonight.

#1: Our starting QB is going to be Byron Leftwich. DD had his chance, and he simply didn't deliver. Some may focus on the int's which were bad, but he looked like Checkdown Dennis tonight. He looked better after halftime, and got no favors from that awful BA call on 4th down, but he simply didn't look good enough. Dennis, you had your chance, and you didn't take advantage of it.

#2: Goodbye Stefan Logan. Logan, who was one of the best stories of last years camp, needed to have a big game to keep his roster spot alive, IMO. Other than a real fine special teams takedown, I think he hurt his stock. The fair catch with a ten yard cushion was infuriating to me, the out of bounds penalty... His job is to return, returnable punts, and he takes too many fair catches. I think Antonio Brown secured the PR/KR spot tonight.

#3: Markice Pouncey appeared to play very well. There should be no doubt about him being the starting center in game 1. The line looked pretty competent with Pouncey in there, and miserable when Hartwig was handling the snaps. I'm not saying that was Justin's fault, but it's hard to overlook how much worse that second string line looked when Pouncey was replaced by Hartwig.

#4: I didn't like Emmanuel Sanders game at all tonight. he looked like a guy who won't be contributing much this year. His route running, and lack of fight for the ball contributed to some of DD's poor play, IMO.

#5: I tried to watch Tony Hills, and I came away feeling he's going to make this team. he looked pretty solid keeping his man in front of him, and had no penalties.

#6: Jonathan Dwyer may have saved his bacon tonight, although, I still think he's PS bound. He had some nice runs,and showed some strength, but clearly blew it on one missed handoff that Leftwich simply had to throw away.

#7: Lawrence Timmons looked really active out there tonight. he may be ready to breakout.

#8: I personally saw nothing from Ziggy Hood. There has been alot of positive talk about him during camp, but I'm still waiting to see his presence on the field.


The Steelers didn't play well tonight, but I'm not getting worked up over it. I think they can survive the the 1st quarter of the season without BB.

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