Rapid Reports Training Camp Edition*UPDATED*

Well its the return of the rapid reports.  I usually wait a week but since its been so long I've decided to go ahead and post some. I know there are plenty of training camp post but hopefully this provides some new information.  

LB James Harrison, who played most of last season injured, has set high goals for 2010: "I really want to try to get something like 22 sacks. I'm going to shoot high."

If James Harrison gets 22 sacks, we'll be the #1 seed in the NFL.  We know woodley is going to get at least 15 and timmons should get around 10 sacks.  That would be at least 47 sacks between three players, insane.

DE Nick Eason left the afternoon practice due to dehydration. He is listed as day-to-day. Also out were RB Jonathan Dwyer, OL Chris Scott, LBJason Worilds, RB Rashard Mendenhall, LB Andre Frazier, and OL Maurkice Pouncey. OL Ramon Foster was limited.

Man when is Dwyer going to get in camp?  I think our visions of Dwyer being the #2 RB this year, if he can get into the last part of camp he might still be able to make the team.  But so far it looks like Redman will be a shoe in to make the team.

OT Tony Hills, a fourth-round pick in 2008, has struggled so far in camp. He has looked lost at times and has been dominated in lineman drills.

Inexcusable, cut the bum already.  I don't care if we are low on tackles.  This is Hills fourth year and there is no reason why he should be getting 'dominated in lineman drills' especially for a guy who if he hadn't broke his leg his senior year in college would have been a 2nd round pick.  

Rookie WR Emmanuel Sanders is going to be given every chance to win the No. 3 receiving job and so far he's looking good. Sanders has decent speed and seems confortable with the offense.

I don't know about you but I'd prefer Emmanuel Sanders to be the No. 3 receiver to start the season.  That means that he has earned it and I feel more comfortable with Antwaan Randle EL being a No.3b.  We'll be fine at WR this year, we won't have the high flying offense that we had in 2009 but we should be good enough to be consistent.



I was reading Ken Laird Twitter feed and wanted to post some messages that hasnt been talked about.

Steelers return man Stefan Logan on new spec teams coach Al Everest: "it's a different scheme he's bringing in, a lot of guys like...

Logan cont'd: "what he's doing b/c everybody knows what's going on. We know which way the return is going. Last year we was a little...

Logan cont'd: "confused which was the return is going, left, right, or up the middle."... Sounds like coach Ligasheksy was confusing in '09

Sounds like Mikey made the right call in firing Ligasheksy.  Expect Special Teams improvement.

Maurkice Pouncey back at practice... at 2nd tm RG im 9 on 9 rush drills so far

Pouncey back, nothing but good news, lets see if he can move Essex from the 1st tm.

"Arians still believes the team can run well out of spread passing sets and doesn't plan to go to a fullback-led power game" - clayton

Fire him now.

LaMarr Woodley says he never considered holding out "I'm not going to pout like that. I wasn't upset, just asked a question by a reporter"

A little clarification for those who were worried about LaMarr, this will get done or he should get franchise tagged before the CBA runs out.


Some more rapid reports:

RB Dwayne Wright turned some heads with his aggressive running style at practice Wright was picked up on waivers from the Eagles on Monday.

Looks like they made a nice move picking this guy up, but it will still be a stretch for him to make the team.  He should make Redman, Summers, D.Johnson work.

Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians on improving the running game: "We want to improve the running game, but we damn well don't want to take a step back in the passing game."

I think a step back in the passing game is going to come whether you like it or not, no way are we going to have another 4,000 passing yard season this year.  How about we not renew this guys contract?  These comments brings a sick feeling to my stomach and the only way to change it is for the Steelers to finish with a top 3 scoring offense this year.

Troy Polamalu has been impressed with the performance in camp of second-year DE Ziggy Hood. "Ziggy is looking good," he said. "I feel he could start on any other team."

Watch out Keisel.  I think we may be saying 'Getting Ziggy with it' a lot this season.  

One major cause of concern for the Steelers is a lack of depth at running back. If Rashard Mendenhall goes down this team could be in trouble.Jonathan Dwyer  and Frank Summers are injured, while Mewelde Moore and Isaac Redman  haven't shown much.

First bad thing I heard about Isaac Redman all camp.  But what is Moore really suppose to show at this point?  You know what to expect from him, this might just be a negative comment cause there was nothing else to say.

Ccommissioner Roger Goodell when asked if Ben Roethlisberger's suspension could be fewer than four games: "I'll make that decision later this month, but that's the way it was designed."

Maybe he misunderstood the question, way to good to be true.

New offensive line coach Sean Kugler on what he expects from this unit in 2010: "We want to get after it. There's no doubt about that. We want to be able to protect efficiently, run efficiently, and pay with pride."

Thats what you want the OL coach to say.  Lets see some results.


From Thursday practice, notes come from 8/5

Trai Essex told Ken Laird that in Dennis Dixon packages they are incorporating him as a runnin back in a lot of plays.

Very interesting, Dixon's running ability must be getting too good to ignore.  I wonder what they will do when Ben gets back, move him to another position so that he could come in for some plays?  Either way I look for Dixon to be used a lot before Ben gets back and he has the potential of being very successful in my opinion.  Especially since most defenses will be preparing for the slow-footed Bryan Leftwich.  

Jonathan Dwyer is in pads today. 

  • Non contact drills for Dwyer today as he works back in slowly.
  • Maurkice Pouncey working fully today.
  • Finally, I was starting to think the hamstring injury was more serious than they were letting on.  Its also good to see pouncey back.  Get in some work at get Essex off the starting line.

    Byron Leftwich to Hines Ward touchdown on mis-communication with Bryant McFadden and James Farrior.

    They better work this crap out now.

    Joe Burnett and Keenan Lewis on second team defense at corners

    This is good news, must mean Will Gay has dropped way down in the depth chart.  He might not make the team if Butler shows something and they only want to keep 5 CBs, although I think they will keep 6.  Its not that I think Gay is that bad its just that its good that Burnett is good enough to have the coach thinking about pushing Gay back.  That means good things for the future.

    4th & 7 Dixon fumbles then fires ill advised into triple coverage.

    This is why Leftwich will be starting.

    Sanders having rough day with at least 3rd drop today.

    Everyone has a bad day, hopefully thats all it is, a bad day.

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