Preseason Driveby Report: Not as bad as it looked edition

I had to watch this one after the fact since I was at a High School game SUnday night.  If you watched the High school game on ESPNU Sunday night that was the one.  Braxton Miller did his thing in the first half.  Wayne doesn't have any receivers this year though.  That could be a problem.  Anyhow, locked and loaded and ready to roll. 

1.  Broncos: Played like they have been practicing together for a few weeks.  The Steelers played like it was their first time playing together this year. Ha! Guess what that's partially right. More on that later.


2.  Dennis Dixon:  I know (haven't read anything on BTSC today yet) there are going to be the I told you so people about how he can't get it done.  That was his first game with the ones and he did make mistakes.  For one thing he did something he's not used to doing.  He stayed in the pocket.  He made some plays and missed some.  I'm still not sold on who it should be but I'm still leaning Dixon. Not terrible for the first time running with them.  It would help him to learn from Ben and look for Heath sometimes.


3.  Leftwich:  Can you tell me you felt confident when he took over for DD?  I knew we were screwed.  Then he couldn't do anything with the same twos that Dixon played with.  My biggest concern now is not who is going to be starting, but how many games are we going to win.  Mr. Commissioner, Ben has learned his lesson.  Now suspend the suspension. 


4.  Batch:  > Leftwich and Dixon.  Just that Dixon has extra skills. 


5.  Willie Gay:  What you say about Willie Gay?  I say he's here to stay.  Get over it.  He does what he does.


6.  Penalties: Like I said, the Steelers played like this was their first time together. They need to get Adams a little buzzer that shocks him when he jumps early.  Way to make an 80 yard drive a 50 yard drive by handing out 30 free yards defense! 


7.  Deebo:  He stared some lineman down after he planted him.  The dude looked at him and just went back to the huddle.  Then he makes Orton pay for being a little gung-ho then trying to bite his ankles. 


8.  Timmons:  He was all over the place.  I like how he was filling holes and hitting the edges.  You can't complete passes in the flats and make yardage on his side of the field.  I give him some slack on dropping Orton late.  He actually could have separated his head from his body if he didn't slow down right at the end. 


9.  Helmets:  Please get helmets that fit and fasten your chinstraps.  Ain't that right Farrior?  You should have just asked Eli Manning.


10: Ike:  I like the Ike blitz. 


11:  Keenan Lewis:  I like what I'm seeing from him besides the little dance on the short pass which ticked him off enough to want to twist the receiver in half and getting flags thrown.


12:  Will Allen:  He loves to hit.  I like that, just don't be hitting people out of bounds.  By the way Mundy does too.


13:  Troy:  He's well.  I saw Denver change their play because he lined up where it was going.  He'll ramp it up on Sep. 12th.


14.  Redman:  Didn't see enough of him.  When he was in there he did work. 


15:  Mendenhall:  If he holds onto the ball look out. 


16:  Dwyer: I hope he can survive waivers and make it on the practice squad.


17.  A. Brown:  Give the young fella a break on the return inside the 5.  He'll learn.  When you think of him and the dudes in 18 and 19 below (20 also but ...) you have to get excited.


18. Mike Wallace:  You said he needs to run better routes.  He ran a Santonio route rather well last night and but on the Jets.  If he continues to improve on that it lessens the stink of Holmes being gone.


19. E. Sanders:  This guy is smooth as silk. 


20. Ward:  Don't be alarmed about his absence in the stats (besides last night) it's time for the youngens to get a look.  You will see him plenty when they start using real bullets. (no pun intended)


21. Pauncey:  Manimal.  Young buck is the truth.


22.  Keisel:  Dude.  I saw what you did.  Man I can't believe I forgot you are a beast.  Thanks for reminding me.


23. I kept falling asleep since it was past midnight when I started watching this so I think I may have missed a lot!  Anyhow, this bullet is for you! 



I'm getting closer to regular season form. More bullets with less words is the goal.  They should be fast hitting, thought provoking, insightful and witty.  I still have one more game to get it together.

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