Upcoming Roster cuts: Is this a rebuilding year?

With Big Ben out 4-6 games and quite a lot of young players on the roster (thanks to 2 big and pretty handy draft classes) is this perhaps a year the Steelers look to hold onto some rookies over veteran role players with a view to a push in 2011?

Under Colbert rebuilding years are never even reall a consideration for the Steelers. He's done as good a job as anyone in the league of keeping us competitive without going through wholesale demolitions of the roster. but, with some units getting up there in age and some useful, if raw youngsters on the bubble could it be the year to use as a springboard to bigger things in 2011-2013?

Here's a look at some decisions they could look at if they're approaching 2010 as a rebuilder:

Runningback: Could they let loose Mewelde Moore with a view to the future here? Moore's a definite asset but he's getting older and had more value as a 3rd down back when Willie Parker was our starter. Mendy is very good out of the backfield and Redman picks up the blitz well. Dwyer could be a change of pace on running downs. Is Moore really needed on a team looking more forward than to the present? I'd say not.

Tight End: The only consideration here might be keeping 2 TEs and using a roster spot to keep a youngster elsewhere. I'd argue David Johnson's superior blocking means he should be the 2nd TE in the 2 TE sets anyway. Spaeth has more value replacing Miller when he's hurt. I think keeping just 2 TEs is a pretty unlikely option though.

Wide Receiver: Any decision here favouring younger players over vets would have to come down to how many we keep. If it's only 5 do they cut Arnaz Battle in favour of Antonio Brown? Or if they keep 6 could they opt for London over Battle?

Offensive Line: This one's a toughie, because even if you're rebuilding for a year you still don't want to get your first round QB and first round RB killed. That serves no purpose. So, as ropey as our OL is I don't really see this as a position where youth wins out. However, I think Hills has actually earned his slot this year. The questions come down to how many they keep and do they cut Hartwig loose to give say, Kraig Urbik another shot?

Defensive Line: Is still old. Could they opt to keep Sonny Harris and Doug Worthington over Nick Eason with an eye to the future?

Linebackers: We know they're really unlikely to cut a second round pick, but this far Worilds has not shown as much as the other 2 rookie LBs. Which is mostly down to untimely injuries. So with a lineup that already includes Timmons, Woodley, Harrison, Foote, Farrior and Fox, might they say goodbye to Larry Foote and keep all the rookies?

Defensive Backs: We're pretty young here with rookie Crezdon Butler looking like a useful player already. Would we sacrifice the STs ability of Anthony Madison to keep a hold of Butler/Burnett/Lewis?

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