Love Post

For all of you that want to join hands and sing Kumbaya this post is for you. My other post this weekend was filled with negativity and dealt with all things O'Donnell and Stoudt. This one is more about what I love. The other post was a Steeler Hate post that turned into a Hate For All. We'll just make this a Love fest from the get go. All love is welcome after the jump. I'm sure like the hate I forgot lots. Pile on!

Super Bowl XL; While I love all Steeler Lombardi's this one was especially special. Any of you other elder statesmen of Steeler Nation know what I am talking about. A 26 year walk through the NFL desert was no picnic. New respect for Moses & The Israelites doing a 40 year walk. The question of "will I ever see another Steelers Championship before I die?" had been answered. That night was a prelude to the Cali Girl looking at me whenever the Steelers or Lakers win and saying "Dry your eye's."

Roberto Clemente; What a great Right Fielder and human being. As an 8 year old playing little league and sitting in the RF bleachers behind him in 71 & 72 I can tell you I never saw a better or more disciplined baseball player. The arm was second to none. He could throw out a guy at third from first from the right field corner. His performance in the 71 series was epic. His plane crash taking aid to earthquake victims in Nicaragua on 12/31/72 was heartbreaking and taught a then 9 year old some hard lessons in life that I would need later.

The Immaculate Reception; I love the highlights, hearing it on the radio from Jack Fleming & Myron, of where I was and the newspaper the next day. I still remember the headline in the Pittsburgh Press (that I delivered around Stanton Heights). Heart Stopping. Spine Tingling. Great. My birth into the Steelers Nation that still burns in my soul as hot as that Sunday afternoon 12/23/72.

We Are Family; Pops, Mad Dog, Teke, The Cobra, Scrap Iron, Foli, Bill Robinson, Blyleven, Don Robinson, Grant Jackson, Chuck Tanner & Sister Sledge. The last waltz for a once proud franchise that has fallen on hard times as without salary cap, revenue sharing etc, MLB has created a sport of Haves & Have Nots.

Sunsets; Doesn't matter where or who with they are all spectacular. Watching the sunset into Huntington Beach one night in December 83 inked it for me. I knew I had to get home to Pitt, finish school and move to Cali. Still dig hanging on Santa Monica Pier & watching the sun sink below the Santa Monica Mountains. Top sunset is off the North Shore of Hawaii near Turtle Bay or from a catamaran off Maui with the Cali girl. Watch for the green flash!

Rock N Roll; The song that takes you back to your younger days with a girl you had forgotten. Hearing a song that reaches into your soul. The rhythm and beat taking control of your body and making you throw your head, tap the steering wheel or sing like a maniac in the shower or car. Any band live on a weeknight with a little buzz on knowing you're out way to late for a work night but knowing you will pull it together and get it done when the sun rises. The girls...Born To Run, Trampled Under Foot, Suck My Kiss, Poundcake, Sanctified, Need You Tonight, Voodoo Chile, Layla, I Fought The Law, Jeremy, Would? Rock On. And on and on and on...

Familia; Keep them close. Appreciate them. Appreciate the way they drive you insane sometime because you will some day yearn for some of their stress...if you're lucky. Good family will always be there for you. Try to be there for the bad family. They have no one else.

The United States Of America; And all it stands for.

Football Season; Here We Go!!

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