Hump Day Mix: Preseason week 4

Welcome back to round 2 of HUMP DAY! With your favorite 2 hosts the "Dynamic Duo" of Arn and Web doing the usual Q & A about the Steelers as well as the T & A of hotties abroad enjoy!



What about those predictions last week? 


PixburghArn:  Dude I predicted that Keenan would pick one off.  I was right.  It just wasn’t a pass.  It was a glass display case in the hallway.   Two flags and a glass display case?  Then I said Emmanuel Sanders would come up big!  Dude I think I nailed it on the head.  He was definitely in the highlight reel….Denver’s.  Don’t hate on e me because I can see this stuff before it happens.   Wait, if this happens again I’m only going to choose the offensive and defensive players of the game for the other team for now on.   Don’t any of you be laughing I might curse you too.  Vincent didn’t get a look.  It was Dwyer which made more sense anyways.  But Timmons didn’t let me down, he did get a runaway train blitz on the QB and scared a turd out of him.  Lewis and Sanders were not MVPs, but they were MNPs, Most Noticeable Players.


Webslasher81: Yeah I predicted DD and Brown actually splitting the offensive MVP for the game (which wasn't the case) and speaking of cases Lewis showed his frustration on a inanimate object, and will most likely get fined in doing so. Going back to the game Brown was decent in the return coverage but there were some damn good punts coming from the Broncos side that didn't give him much leeway. DD looked decent, and that's all I can really say, our defense held as much as they could and Willie Gay's pick put us in the position to actually make it a ballgame, the intangibles for DD actually running with the 1's made me think differently (only slightly) about who our QB is going to be when we face the Falcons. Timmons I also predicted would have a great game and he didn't fail me, this guy is a monster, he was flying all over the field and I am glad that he is wearing Black and Gold, this kid is going to be a force for years to come.




What about this week?




PixburghArn:  I am going to predict that Dwyer gets some second team action this week and Sanders redeems himself.   I think you will see a lot of Dixon again and this time he will shine.  A. Brown takes one to the house for his first NFL return for TD.  Sylvester will have two sacks and Will Allen will have an INT.


Webslasher81: Well since this being the last game of the preseason, the Panthers should be a pushover (yeah I said that about the Broncos but, I don't think the Broncos will still be anything in the regular season.). The thing about Dwyer is that he is going to get more touches and the line will open those holes behind Big P. DD got some splainin' to do (In a Ricky Ricardo voice) and it better come with TD's and big yard gains. He needs to be more mentally inept with the 1's if he wants to ride with the Big Dog's and I hope he will overcome last week's disappointment, I'm not going to throw in the towel on DD yet this kid has amazing talent, and B.A. (god forbid needs to utilize it.) He will come out headstrong that 1st team jitters is gone and he should shine as well (sorry guys no stats from me this week lol!). The defense will still continue to mesh well, Lewis will probably play a back role, and we might we some action from Burnett or maybe a healthier McFadden, good reads by Allen he will continue his push, "Headhunter" (Clark) will be back in the lineup and Troy P's 1 mil insured hair will come down with 3 picks alone lol. Foote should show a better outing side barring Farrior to rest up a bit. I have no worries about the defense "putting their ducks in a row" before the start of the season.



Who will be the standouts this week?




PixburghArn:  The standouts will be Sylvester on defense and Tyler Grisham on offense.  Sylvester with 2 sacks as I said above and 4 tackles.  Tyler Grisham with 4 for 86 yards and a TD.


Webslasher81: Ok I will go out on a limb and say that "Can't see me" comes down with 2 picks and a sack, and Sanders gets more touches and shows us that blazing speed we have been salivating over since we drafted him ( 6 catches 114 yds. 1 td, reverse trick play nets him 32 yds. Rushing).




Hit of the game from the Broncos game?




PixburghArn:  I like the Deebo hit on Orton after the interception.  I like it because Orton was thinking maybe I can bite his ankles and pull him down.  Deebo got just as low and dropped the people’s shoulder on him.


Webslasher81: I have to agree, that hit Deebo put on Orton knocked the wind out of him, and I enjoyed it. Orton would detest and state that he was trying to stop a freight train, but Deebo would say that he was trying to be a hero that got him injured in the process, but I guess that’s what happens when you expose your back to a brick wall.




So, what happened to Keenan Lewis this week?




PixburghArn:  I think it was like the movie "Freaky Friday".  Ike Taylor and Keenan Lewis switched bodies.  Ike said, "Shoot if I jack somebody up they are going to think Lewis did it."   It worked out well because Ike likes to punch people.  He never really got anyone to fight him so he punched some glass.  What the heck right?  It’s not his body.


Webslasher81: "Freaky Friday" Indeed! Too many penalties for bone headed decisions made in the secondary, and Lewis was at the helm for most of the blowback. His frustration took a hold of him and he only ended up making that glass case his "bitch"! I bet on the way back to the Burgh, Tomlin made Lewis run a million gassers @ Heinz for his actions while everybody else went home for the day.




Now on to International Affairs – Arn and I will take you to two countries a week and present you two lovely tour guides from each.  Give your approval as you like.




PixburghArn:  I’m going to head down south and take you on a tour.  My first stop?  Mexico. 




Meet Elisa











and my good friend Laura









and my last stop of the week: Costa Rica




Meet my lovely host Nancy








and her partner Jessica







Man Arn, I have to say that this tour of South America, makes me feel like salsa dancing, But I will stick to the Nordic/European area just a little while longer I'm going with Iceland...let the games begin!


Meet Edyta...






and my friend, Doda




also the lovely...Asdis





and finally last but not least, Ingrid!






Well Ladies and gentlemen of BTSC, stay tuned for next week's HUMP day! "Nostravia", and God Bless!

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