BTSC Numbers Thread

Here we are on the eve of the first kickoff of the 2010 season. The crew here at BTSC is psyched and ready to take the opening kick to the house. The BTSC by the Numbers thread of last week caused a stir and I tabulated a list of some of the numbers handed out by 50 "Tony Parisi" 20. Some of you without numbers (that want one) need to come out from behind our big Nose Tackle (Chewie Steeler) and speak up! A side note; all jersey's are the Heinz home black unless otherwise noted. So without further ado;

#1; Michael "Blitzburgh" "Arthur J Rooney" Bean...Mary Rose (road jersey)...Frank Mineo - DYMS (throwback jersey)

#2; Neil Coolong (right behind Bean and the front office!)

#3; PhantaSkippy (of course!)

#3.14; smithology (pi for our resident egg head & Dennis Miller type-a-like)

#4; NYSteelerFan4

#5; NYSteelerFan (because their monikers are close even if their vision isn't!)

#6; Count'em Six...BubbyBrister6 (road jersey)

#7; Blackadar (Big Ben's Johnny Cochran)

#8; BlackandGold (Pop Gun can become a "Pops" for the BTSC Famaly)

#9; Kick'em In The Head (in honor of Dan Sepulveda)

#10; Big Jay (Santonio smoked a Big Jay!) Steel in FL (road jersey for the OSU fan)

#11; 1BlkGldFan

#15; agentorange (Tebow wear's orange!)

#17; Klompus (just like Keith Hernandez)

#18; Chicago Steeler (just like a Chicago Steeler from the past)

#21; Alfresco....the great one.

#23; English Steeler Got Banned (say hello to Posh)

#24; Johnny (the KB24MVP of BTSC)

#25; shleeve

#29; WVPirateFan (God Bless those WV miners!)

#32; Homer J (and his Immaculate story)

#32.0; datruth 2.0 (and his Immaculate articulations)

#33; Steeler.Lifer (where ever you are!)...Wardane33 (road jersey - you wear 33 proudly)

#40; swmt40 (of course) H-BurghSteelfanatic (road jersey)

#42; showtime (Big Game James Worthy & Pat Riley)

#43; Flying Polamalus...Paulamalu (road jersey)...CliffHarrisIsStillAPunk (Super Bowl X throwback)...Sundays With Troy (AFC Pro Bowl Red 43)

#45; BadMaafala (Fuuuu!)...acrollet (road jersey AC!)

#47: clk47...MelBlunt (Super Bowl X throwback)

#49; Mini Hulk (half 98 which is the full hulk)

#50; Yours truly

#52; billy52

#53; Arn Pouncey

#56; GotWoodley?

#58; Fifty Eight

#59; Cold_Old_Steeler (Dobre Shunka Cold!)

#66; MarkJoel66...Nietzsche (road jersey just like Ray Nitschke)

#69; SteelerMessican (Ola Gabe Rivera!)

#72; Swiss

#78; Dwight White's Missing Tooth

#81; Webslasher81

#82; Romain El (phone home!)

#84; Tannofsteel84

#85; PCISteeler (Calvin Sweeney USC!)

#86; Hines Ward (any questions?)

#87; Steel City Sweetheart (in honor of Sid Crosby, the other Steel City Sweetheart)

#90; Anthony DeFeo (the rookie contributor)

#93; SteelFever (our own Ron Artest)

#95; lloyd95

#97; worldtrip (or Worilds Trip?)

#98; Chewie Steeler (the biggest Steeler is our biggest Steeler)

#111; Momma Rollet

#666; Who Dey

#911; So Cal Steeler Fan (our resident EMT)

#T1; T1mmy10

#!!; Steelchamps !! (Bad ass # but feel free to pick another)

#_; Steeler_ (another Bad ass # but feel free to pick another)

#00; Mr. MaLor (the BTSC Kevin Duckworth)

Coaching Staff; Bonek (in honor of Bruce Arians who has a Bone Head on top of his Bonek)

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