2010 Steeler Milestones up for Grabs

A number of our Steelers players have a chance to pass some great milestones this year for their careers, both in terms of Steelers history, and League history.

Heres the numbers:

Ben Roethlisberger:

698 - The number of yards Big Ben needs to grab 20,000 passing yards for his career. He will only be the 2nd Steelers QB to reach this milestone.


Rashard Mendenhall:

Want to know how successful Pittsburgh has been with having long term running backs and a clear "Starting running back philosophy"

834 - The rushing yards needed by Mendy to grab 2000 yards. Why is that significant? Because only 17 players in 77 years of Pittsburgh football have reached 2000 yards. Really shows the excellent longevity we had with Harris and Bettis particularly


Hines Ward:

5 - The number of catches Hines Ward requires to grab 900 for his career. 

57 - The number of receptions Hines Ward needs to move past the likes of Tory Holt, Art Monk and Andre Reed in the  career receptions list. This would put him 8th all time. Incredibly impressive for a WR who was considered undersized when entering the league, not to mention playing on a run-first mentality team for much of his career.

1053 - The number of yards Ward needs to become only the 17th (or 18th or 19th) player in NFL history to grab 12,000 yards for his career. Certainly an achievable milestone. Tony Gonzalez and Derrick Mason will likely figure to beat him to the punch.


Heath Miller:

942 - The Steelers Franchise record for receiving yards in a season by a Tight End. With Holmes gone, there are more catches and yards to go around. Am I the only one crazy enough to think that Heath could surpass this number this season?


James Harrison and Lamarr Woodley

0 - The number of times a Pittsburgh linebacker has recorded double digit sacks in 3 consecutive seasons. Im pretty sure both will be achieving this in 2010.

11.5 - Number of sacks that James Harrison needs to grab 50 Quarterback takedowns for his career.


Jeff Reed

1 - The number of Kick Attempts Jeff Reed needs to move into 2nd all time for Steeler kickers. 


Random numbers:

2000 - The last time the Steelers missed the playoffs in consecutive years. 

300 - In 77 years, only 23 times have the Steelers conceded 300 points in a season. Of those 23 seasons, only 6 times did we make the playoffs in spite of the 300 points. Defense gets you to the playoffs

0 - The number of true fullbacks on the Steelers roster. Another reminder of the Bruce Arians era



Funny the things you do when you are bored and hanging out for football

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