BMF's Post Game Thoughts

Whew, what a game.  I had no idea if we were going to win it going in, and I still had no idea until the holding penalty on the OT kickoff.  Some thoughts:

- Bruce Arians called a pretty decent game.  He did a nice job establishing the run, giving Dixon some easy throws early, and turning more of the offense over to Dixon as the game wore on.

- Dixon played better than I expected, or at least better than I feared.  He was generally careful with the ball, completed a high percentage of his passes, and made a number of productive plays.  The most predictive stat for a QB is YPA, and his was a Roethlisbergian 9.1 yds/att.  He made some poor throws early - bad passes on 3rd down, the int - but most importantly in mind, he made very few bad reads.  Miller was wide open on the int, he just didn't put any touch on the ball - that will come with experience. I think there were two other passes that could have been picked, which were both worse reads than the actual pick. We can win with this guy.

- I think I figured out what I don't like about Mendenhall.  He's more focused on beating the guy trying to tackle him than he is on breaking off a 20+ yard run.  He's going to wear down or get his shoulder jacked up again.  I thought the OL did a pretty nice job this game, but Mendy spent too much time juking and spinning in the hole to gain more than 3-5 yards on most plays.  He would have had a pretty mediocre stat line if it hadn't been for...

- David Johnson!  Wow, he justified his roster spot with one block.  If you didn't notice, he threw a LB into a CB to pave the way for Mendy's game winner. 

- Every time I start to feel better about this OL, someone gets injured.  We are royally screwed at LT until Starks gets back, if he even does. Let the Tony Hills era begin.

- Isaac Redman

- Bmac, nice to have you back. 

- Gay, catch the ball when it's thrown to you.  It's all good, though.

- I was just starting to wonder where Troy was (I think he had a lot of 2-deep zone responsibilities) before him and LeBeau teamed up to make the most brilliant play call and physical feat of the day. Ryan threw White 23 passes (i.e. almost as many passes at Dixon threw to anyone) and it was high time he paid for it.

- On Woodley's sack, Deebo threw a guard into the QB to keep him from stepping up.  Aren't guards supposed to be strong? There's strong, then there's Deebo strong.

- Timmons looked like an All-Pro MLB out there.  He was all over the field, had some very nice stuffs, and came pretty darn close to getting a strip/sack.

- Sepulveda is the unheralded hero of this game.  Huge leg, huge hang time, no returns.  Despite going against a vastly superior ST's squad, we were able to fight out a draw in that department.  Worilds also had some very nice special teams stops.  I like a LB with potential that goes down field ready to take some heads off in the return game. 

- I was skeptical of our chances to go 3-1 or better, but we won a close game and Dixon looks poised to get better as his tenure goes on.  If we can take care of TB and split tough games with Baltimore and Tennessee, we're in good shape. 

- Really, the Bengals have to be Super Bowl favorites.  Right?

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