what to expect from Tampa

Hello, Bucs fan here. Just wanted to give you guys a little in depth preview from a diehard Bucs fan that you probably wont get from the national guys...


When the BUcs are on Offense....



Tampa's  Gameplan--  Run the ball, whether its effective or not, they will run to protect Freeman and get to 3rd down and see if Freeman can create something with his feet, or with his young talented WRs + WInslow at TE. Freeman doesnt like to run, and is always looking to throw first. He is elusive and hard to bring down, and has a huge arm. Spotty accuracy at times but can make every throw. His maturity and leadership skills are growing a lot, but he is still very susceptible to making mistakes and misreads. Is a real playmaker, and gets compared to Roethlisberger a lot.


OL-- The run blocking of the OL is supposed to be the strength of the offense, but is looking like the weakness. No push vs the run. Just not what we expect from an OL with 4 "maulers", + the technician Jeff Faine. In pass pro LT Penn and RT Trueblood are inconsistent ranging from above average to atrocious.Especially TBlood


RB-- No gamebreakers in the backfield, but a handful of very capable/ reliable backs. The split early on has seen Caddy getting the majority of carries, with Graham getting a few in the red zone and serving as starting FB. OL is giving them no help


WR/TE-- Freemans favorite targets in the passing game are Mike Williams and Winslow. He looks to Stroughter a lot on 3rd down out of the slot, and as his next favorite target in general. Spurlock is an inexperienced but explosive 3rd option at WR/ wildact QB/returnman.





When the BUcs are on Defense....



Tampa's Gameplan-- With not much pass rush on the DL, Raheem Morris has called a lot of blitzes, and has really mixed things up running the 3-4 at times, in an attempt to get pressure on the QB. Very little cover 2 is being played. The heart of the defense has been replaced with two of the top 35 picks in this years draft, in DTs Price and McCoy, as well as last years 3rd round pick DT Miller. With talent and experience all over the place at LB and in the secondary, the emergence of our interior DL has given TB the missing piece they needed vs the run.The secondary is the strength of the team


DL-- McCoy, Price, and Miller are becoming a formidable rotation on the inside, and at DE Tim Crowder, Stylez G White, and Kyle Moore are average at best. High motors with very little pass rush


LB-- Geno Hayes, former teammate of Lawrence Timmons, is becoming a real splash player. The only similarities Hayes and Timmons share might be speed. Hayes is a smallish OLB in the mold of D Brooks, who flys to the ball and can run and hit. Ruud is very solid in the middle, and will get better and better iwth the new interior DL in front of him. Quincy Black is a 3-4 type OLB, who resembles a Pitt Lb more than a Bucs LB but provides lots of versatility and is becoming a force all over the field..


Secondary-- This unit is the strength of the D, and the team. Aqib Talib is a stud at CB, and Barber is coming off a strong year last year and has started this year on fire, creating key turning points in both wins this year. Tanard Jackson is the best player on the defense, the hardest hitter on the team, and a real ballhawk and playmaker.

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