Hump Day Mix: Week 1/2.5ish into week 3. Falcons/Titans recap and those Swashbucklers from South FLA!


Well ladies and gentleman...were back after our jet-lag of a week. Your favorite gruesome twosome of Arn and Web tackle the X's and O's of the last 2 games and predictions of those Pirates that just want your Booty!

Since you didn’t have one of these last week, what about those predictions for the Falcons game?

PixburghArn: First let me say that I’m sorry for not getting ‘er done last week.  Some of this will be old because I’m following up on Falcons’ game stuff but bear with me.  I said that special Teams would decide that game.  I also said that a big special teams play will decide the game.  Well I guess it depends on if you think a 52 yard field goal at Heinz is big.  The actual play that decided it was the run by Mendenhall.  I said that the defense would have 2 picks and 4 sacks.  I then said Dixon will succeed if he looks for Heath. 24-20 was off but the spread was close.  You be the judge. (By the way how ‘bout those special teams? They showed up in Tenn too.)

Webslasher81: Yeah, I apologize from the bottom of my heart as well, I have been busy I had to re-certify for my Paramedic License last week and wasn't able to make it to my computer and to top it off I am in the middle of moving to Colorado Springs! I'm sorry Ladies and Gentlemen...I am also following up from the Falcons and the Titans respectively...The D for me, and I said DD would have a decent outing to maintain a strong push for the D to capitalize. I believe I also said that Brown would show up and be a force, in both games I was 2 for 3. Special teams, field position and the Steel Curtain came through in both outings. I had predicted the score 31-17 for the Falcons game and I was way off...d'oh! I didn't even predict a score for the Titans game b/c of my hectic week.

What about this week?

PixburghArn: Well, I’m going to predict that our running game gets huge numbers.  The reason is going to be guys getting open and gashing Tampa with big plays early.  I have our total rushing yards over 175 and passing yards breaking 150, but less than 250.  Another big play on special teams.  I predict the Steelers win this game 24-16.

Webslasher81: I have to agree with Arn, on the running game. We're going to expose Tampa's line and have big gaps for deep penetration and long gains (TWSS lol!) I expect the 1-2 punch of Mendy and Redman to be a force that Tampa won't contain. Although the special teams will be a huge factor for more td's (possibly) and field position. I am going with the D, Timmons, Deebo, Wolverine, B-MAC, Headhunter, and Troy P's hair will fluster Freeman and Cadillac William's all day, into to making errors (i.e. fumbles and picks) Troy will have at least another pick (possibly a pick 6) and 2 sacks. We win 13-6.

What about the standouts you predicted for the Falcons game?


Ike:  He didn't stand out, but played well. 

Rush-Hard: He scored the winning TD.  I said he would have over 100 yards and 2 TDs.  Close huh?

Webslasher81: I think I said Timmons, he played like a monster; his stock will rise further this year!DD: Yeah I said it he played decently and it paid off. I thought Sanders was gonna get some touches but It didn't turn out that way d'oh!

Who will stand out this week?

PixburghArn: Standouts will be Timmons on defense and Wallace on offense. I have Wallace over 100 yards and a TD.  Timmons 9 tackles 1 INT and a sack.

Webslasher81: Ok don't burn me at the steak yet guys...I'm am going on a longshot, but if Lefty plays he will have a good game (10-17 184 yds 1 td 3 touches 22 yds), if Batch plays then he will play decently (8-18 132 yds 1 td) on the D: Deebo gets 6 tackles (3 tfl) 2 sacks and 1 FF.

Hit of the game from the Falcons' game?

PixburghArn: I'm going to do something different here.  I am going to say the hit of the game was the one that I saw in my mind when Gonzalez was about to catch a pass in Clark's path.  I'm sure Gonzalez saw it too.  His arms looked like Barney's.

Webslasher81: I have to agree with Arn, I was even bracing for that hit from the Headhunter On Tony G. but it was only wishful thinking eh?

So your concerns from Falcons’ game.  How did they do taking care of those?

PixburghArn: Well they handled Turner and the running game.  They also prepared Dixon very well.  He didn't try to do too much and put himself in harm's way. Missed a few throws and had some close calls to go with the pick, but he didn't lose it for us.

Webslasher81: I knew the D would crush Turner and they came through. I have to say the O in general played out of character 80% of the time, but the D put them in the position to get the go ahead, that pick from Troy was inhuman and I thought we were going to win right there but Reed was drunk and missed that 40 yarder, so I can't blame the O, b/c they came through in OT when the D put them in the position, big ups for the O line making that massive hole for Mendy to close out that game.

What concerns you about this game?

PixburghArn: My concern is turnovers on offense.  Whoever QBS will have to protect the ball (I know duh!) because there is not much margin for error.  This Tampa team is scrappy.  I am concerned that they may keep themselves in the game and make it really tough to pull this one out.  I’m hoping we can break their spirit early.

Webslasher81: I agree again with Arn, right now the O is playing on their last leg, DD (out 3 to 5 for a ACL injury) Lefty (coming back from a 3 week hiatus for a knee injury) and Batch (, he is injury prone i.e. last year and that Shoulder injury.) Turnovers will not be tolerated and thus it will be another battle for the blades of grass, when it is said and done the D will put us in the pivotal position to win this game. As history has said, we own Tampa...let's not make the football Gods angry!

Any Random notes?

PixburghArn:  Uhhhhh yeah.  I'm going to have hot wings for the game. I marinate the chicken wings and then smoke them on the grill and shake them in a plastic container of RedHot hot sauce. 

Webslasher81: I kicked it with PCI last week and intend on doing it again, possibly a hotdog and burger burn, with some hot chicken ranch dip as a side (2 cups Red-hot sauce, 2 cups Ranch dressing, I bag of chicken giblets + a crock pot/cook for 30 mins @ 200 F and keep on a mild simmer throughout = Good times for game time/massive diarrhea the morning after until noon!)

Ok now that we have talked about the game, how about those Buccaneers cheerleaders?  Here are our ambassadors of the week.


Ok I don’t know these ladies’ names but I would like to be the strawberry in the middle and make a Neapolitan connection.  Feel me?







 Also….Good lawd!




I just had to add this one, since we missed a chance and Brooke and her allies.  I thought about photo shopping this one taking the back ground out and adding a picture of me, but I'm not that twisted.

She's very talented.





Webslasher81: Well since we got those Bucs cheerleaders all sorted out (GULP!) I am gonna move onto some cheerleaders we won't face this year: Men meet the Chargerettes!

I wonder who her QB is:





double trouble:





and finally...BAAAAAAZINGA!







Time to go International.

 PixburghArn: Man I'm staying in Latin America/Caribbean. My first stop is Puerto Rico.  Big props for Roberto Clemente, native of Puerto Rico.  My dad played baseball with him in the PR by the way.  Anyhow meet the lovely

Mayra Matos.  Oct23-08a_medium


My last stop is the Dominican Republic.  Meet the lovely Amelia Vega.





Webslasher81: Well Arn...I have to admit, those are some spicy pics! I am gonna go with the Eastern Europe Queens...

The Urkraine:

Meet Anika, the other side of Urkraine futbol!





and...the Two'fer! (I don't know their names but...I want to get this calendar!)





Well that's all for this week ladies and germs, until next week, when Arn and myself give you the goods about our most hated rival: Edgar Allen Poe's "Nevermore's"!


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