Rapid Reports: Rise from the Dead Edition

Its been a while.  But Rapid reports are back from the dead.  Much like our beloved steelers.  It seems like so many guys were hitting the dirt that we might need to call up half the practice squad.  But apparently there is some good news going into this week.  

If any of you listen to the herd on ESPN radio you know that Colin Cowherd has officially jumped on the Steelers bandwagon.  He gushes about the Steelers being the best team in the league 'by far'.  He is overly impress with the defense being able to win with such a poor productions from the offense and claims 'when Ben gets back I don't know if they'll lose'.  Now if you're like me, I'm not used to national pundits gushing about our Steelers.  He seems to be the only one going that far too.  No one else is willing to go there with this team and the only play the Steelers get on SportsCenter is about which bus boy they gonna get to the be QB.  Its not like it matters much, but it is nice to see at least somebody on the radio gush over someone other than Tom Brady's hair, Mark Sanchez douchebaggery, or Tony Romo suckiness.  

 Coach Mike Tomlin said NT Casey Hampton (hamstring) and WR Emmanuel Sanders (quad) have looked good and could play this week, and that LT Max Starks (ankle) and LB Jason Worilds (shoulder) should be full participants in practice. Steelers RapidReports

Looks like we're getting back to full strength.  Max Starks is the most important on this list.  Yes, casey hampton is better, but we have no one that even resembles a LT after Starks.  It'll be good for batch/leftwich to get him back.

LB LaMarr Woodley on the 2-0 start: "It's not how you start, it's how you finish. We don't want to be a team that's just September-October. We want to be a team in November-December."

Its good to see Woodley remembering last year's debacle.  After staring 6-2 and looking to defend their Super Bowl title the steelers finished the season 3-5.  You have to finish, don't start touching yourself after a couple of good wins, stay focus, stay hungry, and keep working.  Hopefully tomlin can keep this team focus for 16 games and beyond this year.

 The Steelers worked out two QBs Tuesday even though they don't plan to sign one. Former WVU QB Jarrett Brown and former Bills QB Levi Brown worked out at the South Side practice facility.

Personally I like Jarrett Brown, I don't know why, I just do, but doubt we sign anyone - they could at least get signed to the PS right?

QB Byron Leftwich on his injured knee: "I'm feeling better, a whole lot better. I want to get through a whole practice. I'm going to go out there Wednesday and really push it and see how healthy I am."

It looks like we'll find out today whether or not Lefty can go against TB.  I like batch and don't mind him starting.  But I can't imagine Lefty not being more driven to beat this bucs team.  The team that basically cut you and said you aren't good enough, I bet lefty is chomping at the bit to play Sunday.  We'll find out tomorrow if he can and if he can he will and when he does I think he'll have a career game.  Nothing motivates players than having the chance to rub it in the faces of those who doubted you.

 Starting RG Trai Essex (ankle) is questionable for Sunday's game, coach Mike Tomlin said. Doug Legursky would take his spot in the lineup.

I think we'll be fine whoever is in there, but its good to see an update on Essex.

 Coach Mike Tomlin didn't rule out putting QB Dennis Dixon (knee) on injured reserve, which would end his season. The Steelers don't intend to sign another QB

That would be bad for dixon who wanted to show he could play in this league and bad for the Steelers if they were hoping to get anything out of him as draft bait, almost makes you wish Tomlin took a chance on Vick?  I know some of you want to choke me for even thinking that.

LB Larry Foote when asked about Titans QB Vince Young and how confused he looked: "Every QB is going to look confused against Dick LeBeau's defense

Had to throw this in there, you're on notice Josh Freeman.

 The defense of Dick LeBeau has been dominating so far in 2010. The team has forced eight turnovers, collected seven sacks, and held top RBs Michael Turner and Chris Johnson to under a 100 yards.

Let me add, held Michael Turner and Chris Johnson to under a 100 yards combined!

NT Chris Hoke when asked if 2-2 would be a good start until Ben Roethlisberger comes back. "For people to go out and say, 'Hopefully, they'll be 2-2,' we think that's a knock on us a little bit."

I've been saying that all offseason and I stand by it 3-1, although 4-0 is a distinct possibility now.  But we gotta get through TB first.

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