It's that time of year again...Introduce Yourself!

We, the denizens of Behind The Steel Curtain, and loyal members of Steeler Nation around the globe are like Marines. Hear me out, please. Like Marines, as a Steeler fan, you know if you meet another member of Steeler Nation, they will always have your back, and vice versa. As there are truly no Ex-Marines, there are no Ex-Steelers fans. In for a minute, in for life!


We here at BTSC, are a fairly tight knit community of rabid Steeler fans. For the most part, we know each other fairly well. We can recognize our different personalities, and senses of humor.


However, this being a new season of football, there are going to be new people showing up. Whether they are contributing positively to threads, creating indepth, thought provoking fanposts, or just making general nuisances of themselves, they are going to be here, one way or another. Unless they piss enough people off that they get the banhammer swung on them. I, personally, will fall under each and every one of those categories at any given time. I also fall under an extremely unique category of "lovable asshole". There are a few others that I share this category with, but not many can pull it off as well as I can. :P


That being said, as author of this post, I shall begin this "get to know you" party:


I am Steel Spike (until recently SteelFever, I didn't want to be associated with a website (Steeler Fever), no matter if it is defunct now)

I am 32 years old

I live in Vancouver, Washington

I am of mostly Germanic descent, some Swede, and a bit of "scalp your ass" Injun

I have been a Steeler fan since 1994, which is when I first started following football regularly. (My dad was a Seahawks fan, but that doesn't count because he was an absolute dirtbag, and I wanted nothing to do with him)

I joined BTSC April 17th of 2009. Yes, right after we won our 6th title. I was just unaware of this great community until then.

I am a member of every football blogsite on SBNation, but have been banned from the She-hawks site "Field Gulls" for calling someone a dick when they were being a dick.

My favorite genre of music is rock, and almost all sub-genre's included (metal, punk, classic rock, etc.). I do like some rap, but it has to be funny. There are about 5 or 6 country songs I like. I despise listening to the radio because they only play what's popular, for the most part.

My favorite movies are comedies, and I will reference/quote them whenever I can

My favorite TV show of all time is Family Guy, and I will reference/quote it whenever I can

I have an absolutely wonderful 18 month old son

I have an absolutely wonderful soon-to-be-wife

I am a certified welder and certified forklift operator

I am also unemployed at the moment (you would think I could find a job anywhere a company does welding and forklifting (not a word, I made it up :P), right?)


Anyway, that is a short synopsis of who I am. You don't need to follow the guidelines I used. Basically, your age, where you're from, when did you become a Steeler fan, how long you have been a member of BTSC (or if you have only been lurking until now, put that down). Anything else you would like to add information wise, feel free.


Oh, one note for the inexperienced net traveler: Do not include any overly personal information on here. It IS the intrawebs, and anyone with an internet connection can view this stuff.


Happy blogging!

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