Are You Scared? You Will Be....


This is a joint effort between EnglishSteelerGotBanned and I. 

Somebody said about scary players in another poast so I thought it would be a good discussion between us all during these long pre regular season days. [EDIT]: I know, I know...It took way longer than we thought to get this together.

So, the current NFL's most intimidating team after the jump.



The Contenders: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers.

The Pick: Aaron Rodgers




The Reasoning: This was a tough one to choose, probably because the NFL has so many good passers in it right now. The top 5 in my opinion are our contenders here, but each has their flaws. Manning, although the greatest football mind I have ever seen is able to destroy a defensive gameplan with ease but if he is pressured he can be stopped easily. The same can be said to Tom Brady, especially post knee injury. Drew Brees is interesting but all in all I think it has to be said that he is not as good anywhere else as he is in NO (sorry Michael). Big Ben is on the shortlist because of his sheer toughness, grit and broken play ability but he misses out on top spot because Aaron Rodgers is arguably just a tough, gritty and able to keep a play alive as Ben but Rodgers is able to combine this with an amazing passing ability that trumps Ben's.


The Contenders: Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, Ray Rice and Steven Jackson.

The Pick: Chris Johnson




The Reasoning: Hummmmm AP or CJ2K? Well we went with CJ because of his better breakaway ability and his abilities in the passing game. AP also has the slight problem with fumbling, but that is not a reason to disregard his running abilities. [EDIT]: CJ2YPC is still THE scariest premier back in this league. Just because we held him to 34 yards and broke his 100 yard game streak, doesn't mean he's not still tops.




The Contenders: Vernon Davis, Antonio Gates, Alge Crumpler, Tony Gonzalez and Heath Miller

The Pick: Vernon Davis




The Reasoning: Alge Crumpler gets a mention because of his extra curricular activities involving a certain god's knee. TG is on the list because of his stats mainly, he was the best for years. Heath is the best blocker of the bunch but isn't a huge threat in our offence. Gates is a beast but is too often injured to reach full potential. For Davis, some numbers sum him up. 6' 4" 255lbs 4.38 40 time




The Contenders: Hines Ward, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald.

The Pick: Hines Ward




The Reasoning: A simple explanation for you here, out of the 4 players listed above, who do you least want to see coming over the middle at you? I think that the other 3 are all amazing WR's but frankly Hines is the dirtiest player in the NFL and will break your jaw if you enter his personal space.




The Contenders: Joe Thomas, D'Brickishaw Ferguson and Michael Roos

The Pick: Joe Thomas




The Reasoning: DISCLAIMER - Admittedly, we don't know too much about the rest of the league's tackles, because you really only hear about them if they're bad, however he is the best overall OT in the game, with a perfect mix of force in the running game and finesse in the passing game. Plus, any guy who can take on Deebo twice a year and live, has got to be pretty scary himself.




The Contenders: Leonard Davis, Chris Kemoeatu, Harvey Dahl and Alan Faneca

The Pick: Leonard Davis




The Reasoning: Well, the way a guard plays often instills fear to the hearts of opposing DT's. I personally think that an OG should almost always be a mauling hulk of a man who just out muscles people. That is why Dahl didn't make the grade, 2 seasons ago Faneca had a shot but now he has lost it. Kemo and Davis are similar in a way, that they are both beasts, the difference is that Davis has the pro bowls to back it up. Just look at a pic of him to see why he is so intimidating.




The Contenders: Andre Gurode, Nick Mangold, Richie Incognito, Matt Birk and Jeff Saturday.

The Pick: Richie Incognito




The Reasoning: This guy is just mean and nasty. Plus, he'll poke you in the eye at the bottom of the pile, and give you a shot to the nuts.




The Contenders: Casey Hampton, Shaun Rogers, Albert Haynesworth and the Williams Wall. 

The Pick: The Williams Wall



The Reasoning: This will be a controversial one as I went against Casey Hampton, the way I see it you are not worried about Casey as an offensive player you are more worried about what he allows others to do. That said another 3-4 guy came close in Shaun Rogers, despite the fact that he may sneak a gun onto the field, he is a monster in any defense and is amazing on all downs. Albert Haynesworth is a beast when motivated but clearly has some issues, this leaves the Williams Wall, this duo have shut down RB's better than our defense in the past, all the while collecting over 50 sacks between them.



The Contenders: Mario Williams, Julius Peppers, Jared Allen, Haloti Ngata and Dwight Freeney

The Pick: Haloti Ngata (3-4) and Dwight Freeney (4-3)








The Reasoning: This was a tough one to choose, probably because the NFL has so many good pass rushers in it right now. However the 3-4 also deserves a shout out because so many teams play it. The dual award is given to Ngata for the simple reason that he is so huge yet so agile that he can disrupt any play at any time, just watch what he does against us in Week 4. Freeney has been a beast for years collecting sacks for fun when healthy, he scares OT's just with his speed off the edge. 


The Contenders: James Harrison, Elvis Dumervil, Lamarr Woodley and Clay Matthews

The Pick: James Harrison




The Reasoning: A simple quote by Fever is enough here, "Besides nobody wants to meet Deebo down a dark alley, f**ker looks like he could rip your arm off and beat you to death with it." [EDIT]: I did say this, verbatim, but we thought ESGB was going to be authoring this, so I'll leave it as said. Plus, he can eat your soul (just like he did to CJ2YPC Sunday, LOL!).


The Contenders: AJ Hawk, Ray Lewis, Patrick Willis, John Beason and Lawrence Timmons

The Pick: Patrick Willis



The Reasoning: Ask me this question 2 years ago and I wouldn't really need to think about this, Ray Lewis has been the top dog here for so long that many people do not realise that the winner here, Pat Willis, has outplayed everyone since he came into the league, he is the most athletic ILB and delivers some of the best hits. An easy decision for English and I, all except for Timmons. [EDIT] The only reason we weren't homers and pick Timmons is because he hadn't shown to be the force he is showing he can become.  Remember, we wrote the majority of this during the pre-season.


The Contenders: Nnamdi Asomugha, Darelle Revis, Antoine Winfield and Charles Woodson

The Pick: Tie Nnamdi Asomugha and Darelle Revis 





The Reasoning: A definition had to be made for this position, should we pick a shut down cover corner who takes away an entire half of the field or do we pick a feared hitter who is good against the run? We decided that losing your best receiver is more intimidating to an OC than your RB and WR's taking a few licks. The best 2 cover men in the league will be compared so often this year that I needn't bother doing so.


The Contenders: LaRon Landry, Ryan Clark, Ed Reed and Anthony Smith

The Pick: Ryan Clark



The Reasoning: Just ask Willis McGahee and Wes Welker why we made this choice...



The Contenders: Bob Sanders, Troy Polamalu and oh who cares, everyone knows who wins.

The Pick: Troy Polamalu



Reasoning: Seriously? Do I REALLY need to put a reason for this pick?


Well, there you have it. English and my picks for the scariest dudes who are currently playing at their positions. ESGB did most of the writing, but I did a couple edits here and there for grammar and syntax. I don't think I got all of them, so don't be too vicious. :) I also picked all the pictures I used here.


We're eventually going to do a scariest in NFL history one.


Stay tuned!

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