Driveby Report: Week 3 versus Bucs

Ratta tat tat the driveby is back.  I'm a little under the weather so I chose to do it today, just in case I don't make it into work.  Sorry I missed last week.  It was a crazy week at work and home last week.  Anyhow let's get this thing started.  Load 'em up and let 'em fly.

1. Troy:  I was wanting him to get his pick so he'll have one per game.  He got it.  It just won't count in the stats.  Nice catch with the hair in the breeze on the sideline.

2. Rush-Hard Spin-Den-haul:  I like what I see.  On one play he juked someone and took it up field for good yardage.  I thought there was a flag on the field, but it was the defender's jock. Rush-hard is settling in well.

3. O-line:  Can we all agree that the problem was Larry Zierlein?  

4. Wallace:  Has ball skills and speed.  That's a good thing since no one can hit him in stride.  

5. Kiesel:  It's always funny to see a big man run.  Especially one that looks like a Bigfoot.  Real nice play there.

6. Timmons:  still made his presence known, even though it seems Tampa did a good job of getting a helmet on him.

7. Ike:  If he ever broke both of his hands he could still do what he does now.  So he would never have to miss a game.  By the way, somebody give this guy some meds that will help him chill.  SMH

8. Randle El: Now I remember why I loved this guy.  He makes crucial plays when you need them.  How about that catch on third and long?  It reminded me of the plays he made in the big playoff comeback against Cleveland.

9. Charlie:  See Charlie throw. See  See what Charlie can do when he gets time?  

10. Aaron Smith:  He used up a lot of big bodies and leaves lots of room for the linebackers.  

11. Wood:  Played a well rounded game.  Did well in the passing game defending passes and was stout against the run.

12. Hotel:  I KNOW you saw the work he did! What a freeagent pick up.   

13. Sepulveda:  1 kick, a 62 yarder.  That's what I'm talkin about.

14. JV:  The second team defense did pretty well.  I know they hated to give up that TD but it was good to see the newbies playing.

15.  Heart attack:  I love games like this because they are easy on the heart. They make Sunday afternoons very relaxing.  Did I say this before?

16.  Pouncey:  This young man is not only great at the point of attack, he's a beast at the next level.  No DB likes to see a 300+ Center barreling down on him.

17. Willie Gay:  He's worth a nickel.  Solid work today for Willie except for the shoulder tackle try on a first down gainer.

18. Harrison:  Got a holding call finally....problem is, it wasn't a hold.  go figure.  Harrison has a nonstop motor and his backside pursuit is awesome.

19. Eason:  Could start on most teams that run a 3-4.  He's a real luxury.  One thing we have that makes us a contender in the long haul is depth.

20. Cheerleaders:  Dang man.  Those sideline shots were like something right of of Sport Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

21.  This one is yours.  Fire away.
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