CheckMark: Week 3: Pittsburgh AT Tampa bay

Ahhh... Raymond James Stadium. It brings back fond memories...


It was nice to see that on Sunday it was pretty much how I remembered it: A Steelers Home Game:


Not only that, but the Steelers fans there were representin'! In fact, there wasn't a player on the Tampa Bay Bucs as scary as this female Steelers fan:


If this woman and Josh Freeman met in the parking lot for a fight...


I've got twenty that says he doesn't last five minutes with her. And if that is how he fares against our female fans, imagine how he did against this guy...



Yeah... that's pretty much how it went...

Some thoughts and images from today's game:

* Charlie Batch got the start. He is a class act, a Pittsburgh Native, and I am happy to see him succeed on many levels. That said, I have to say, he is the reddest black man I have ever seen. I mean, his face was red, and I was worried that he was going to pass out from a heat stroke... fortunately, the only ones who got scorched were the Bucanneers secondary...


But the crazy thing is the way Charlie played the game. He seemed to forget that he is actually this guy: 


(Hint: check out the movie "Unbreakable")

Instead, he played with abandon. At one point, he took off, running up the middle, and didn't even stop when he had the first down. Was I the only one screaming: "Down Charlie! Slide! Fall! Do something dammit! Those guys are gonna break you!"

But... no, he galloped for a 24 yard gain, got slammed, and stood up smiling like Hines Ward! Absolutely the shocker of the game.


* This is why we don't have Cheeleaders. Sure, they make great calenders. And, yes, its fun to see fanposts of them in their skimpy lil outfits... but... come on.. Cheerleaders? At a Football game? That's like taking a Frenchman to war. What's the point?

Don't believe me? How's this... the Buccaneer's Booty Babes come out to start the fourth quarter, smiling and shaking pom poms... inspiring their team... 


Less than five minutes later, the Bucs give us this inspired play -- a swing pass that gets picked off by "Keisel the Little-Deisel-who-could" who huffed and puffed his way into the end zone... I think I can.... I think I can... I know I can... I know I can... I need some oxygen... I need some oxygen..." 


And... by this time, it was almost over. 

I was happy to see Mike Tomlin pull Troy out in the fourth quarter when the game was out of reach... we all remember what happened last year on a routine special teams play. Let's face it, if Troy is in the game, he only has one speed: Lightspeed. So, Mike took him out... you could almost hear the conversation:

"Troy, come here... OK, I want you to take off your helmet and listen to me. Take it easy man. Get some gatorade. Braid your hair. But stay out of the game, and away from 300 pound linemen who want to step on you while you are down... Got it? Good."

Five minutes later, we see this:


Yeha, that's Troy with a four foot verticle leap, catching a ball as it sails out of bounds. Boys will be boys, and Troy will be Troy. But I can see Mike Tomlin now:


"Troy! What did I tell you???"

* This win is enough to make all of us giddy... and I still have concerns... but for now, I am going to enjoy a 3-0 start...

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