Hump Day Mix: Regular Season Week 4, The Ratbirds

Sup y'all.  This week, the honor hath been bestowed upon me to fill in for SlashMeister during our weekly hump.  Hope you enjoy the commentary between Arn and me.  Check it out...

How did those predictions go from last week?

PixburghArn: Well I said that the running game would put up big numbers and it would be because of big plays gashing the Bucs.  It was pretty close the big TD from Batch to Wallace early opened the Bucs dee up.  I said we would have over 175 yards rushing and between 150 and 250 passing.  We ended up with 201 rushing and 186 passing.  I said big special Teams play.  That was wrong.  My prediction was 24-16.  Oh well.

count'em_six: Didn't partake in the predictions last week, but I'll comment on Grandmaster Slash's.  There was definitely some deep penetration!  Props to Hotel.  Salamander (my personal nickname for Rashard) was tearin' it up on the right side.  Was nice to have Max back on the left too.  Chuck B. had all sorts of time.  Good call on the INT for Troy - even though he was out of the game and on the sideline, but whatev!  Special teams didn't make any waves one way or the other, but that can be a good thing.  D came up big as always, but surprisingly no sacks from Deebo or LaMarr.  Not only loved Deebo's tackle that led to Deisel's INT (actually it was his mere presence), but he immediately got up and took another player out of the equation.  What a bad dude.

What about this week?

PixburghArn: I see a defensive struggle.  In the end though, Joe Flacco will be baited into 3 INTS.  One will be a pick 6 and at least one strip sack.  Maybe a halftime score of 10-6 Steelers.  The final score will be 23-16.

count'em_six: Must say that Boldin worries me.  Seems Bert is developing a nice rapport with him.  Ray Rice would normally worry me too, but it sounds like he's banged up this week and won't be at 100%.  Regardless, our D is sick right now and there's no reason to believe they let up this week (I'll worry about that week 6).  17-10 Stillers.  I have a feeling David Johnson is gonna light someone up...preferably Lewis.  I mean it's gonna be a highlight reel de-cleating.  Not counting out Hines in that department either - too bad Reed won't be in for the experience.

What about the predicted standouts?

PixburghArn: I said the standouts would be Timmons and Wallace.  I would just have to say on defense it was pretty much the whole defense standing out.  The standout play would be the Kiesel INT runback.  On offense it was between Wallace and Rush-Hard.  I had Timmons at 9 tackles INT and a sack and he actually had 5 tackles and 2 assists, one sack and no INT.  I had Wallace over 100 yards and a TD and he ended up at 100 yards and 2 TDS.

count'em_six:  Slizzash went with Batch.  Good call though understandably the numbers were more impressive than predicted.  Deebo had a relatively quiet game stat-wise, but was his usual disruptive self.

Standouts for this week?

PixburghArn: The standouts for this week will be Wood on defense and Hines on offense.  Blind side is going to have his hands full with Deebo but they are prepared for that.  Wood has been close to picking passes off every week.  This week he breaks out with 2 sacks and a pick 6.  Hines will benefit from Wallace stretching the D.  He'll get open and Charlie will find him often.  Hines always gets up for Baltimore.

count'em_six:  Totally agree with Arn on Hines, but to keep things mixed up, "I Like Ike" on D.  My boy is gonna step up to the challenge of BoldinDoush and make a pick or two.  Timmons will be all over the place as well - 10+ tackles.  On O, aside from Hines, I think Rashard is poised for some collar bone payback.  He's gaining swagger and almost looks like he's daring people to tackle him.  Hillis gashed the Ratbirds for 144 yards last week and a TD.  I expect a similar outcome.

Hit of the game for Bucs game?

PixburghArn: I can't remember, so I'll just share a play that was impressive.  Troy was on the slot receiver on the right side.  The Bucs sent the slot in motion left to move Troy out of position.  Troy read the play and once the ball is snapped he immediately turns back on backside pursuit and makes the tackle behind the line of scrimmage.  If I find the play anywhere I'll try to post pics or video.

count'em_six:  See above.  Deebo's takeout that led to the INT.  Even the analysts recognized that dude didn't want any part of that catch.  At first they thought it was that Gay guy (I believe) who made the tackle, but their tone immediately changed when they realized on the replay it was Jimmy The H - a nickname my wonderfully fantastic brother, chewiesteeler, coined.

How did the Steelers deal with your concerns?

PixburghArn: Well...One concern was turnovers on offense.  There were two INTS, but that didn't matter too much because they took care of the other concern of mine.  That concern was not letting them hang around.  I wanted them the take their spirit early and the Steelers delivered.

count'em_six:  Dealt well.  Starks coming back automatically eased my mind a bit, but I still needed to see the O-line gel, and they didn't disappoint.  No sacks.  Thank you.

What about the concerns for this week?

PixburghArn: My concern is that this may be our biggest test of protecting the QB.  We need to keep Charlie upright. That is really my only concern.  You know Boldin and TJ Houshmouth is going to come ready.  They both hate us because they want to be us, but I don't think they will eat much at all.  Normally I would be concerned with check downs, but Ray Rice may not play and if he did I think Timmons can handle it.  Plus having Troy back help enormously.

count'em_six: Already hit on it.  Even though I say Ike rises above the challenge, Boldin still worries me.  Originally I thought he'd struggle not having Fitzgerald on the other side of the field anymore, but he's remained very good.  If our D-line gets a good push up front, it won't be much of an issue.

Any random notes

PixburghArn: I wonder how many ladies have bought that "shake weight" they advertise on TV. 

count'em_six: I wonder what the most common position is for holding said shake weight.  Wasn't there an SNL skit on that?

Cheerleader ambassador of the week:

PixburghArn: Well I suppose they found enough women with all their teeth in Baltimore to make a cheer squad.  Let's meet the Ravens' ambassador. My choice is the very lovely and talented former professional wrestler Stacy Keibler.  I refrained from a hollow tree reference that was very witty. Well here she is.



count'em_six: How bout an Iggle (that's Eagle for you non-Philly-slangers), a Seahawk (what sound does a Seahawk make?) and a Cowgirl (no, not Romo) that order.





Time to go international

PixburghArn: Guess where I'm going?  You guessed it Latin America.  Let's see.  How about Equador?  My international hostess is the lovely Miss Valeska Saab. I've never driven a Saab before but....  I digress.  Give her a warm welcome.



And my last stop is Bolivia.  I like Jessica Jordan.  I hope you do too.



count'em_six:  Nice Arn.  I'm livin' Latina Loca.  Big fan, but imma go South Africa:
Say hehlo to my leetle frehnd Lyndall Jarvis:



And how YOU doin' Gemma Sykes from Australia:



Why South Africa and Australia you ask?  Why not.

Well that wraps it up.  Hope you all enjoyed.  Leave questions, comments and concerns.  GO STILLERS!!

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