A Whole Big Bag Of Ramble

Got a whole lotta babbling for no other reason except I felt like rambling

please feel free to ramble on with me if ya like

dont even worry about your punctuation or spelling here. please at ease

Post anything ya like here.

Big Ben get 4 games out. I dont like it. Dont get me wrong I think Bens Style with the ladies is weak but he was never charged. period. 2 games should be the max. Batch or Dixon? Dont ask me! I say Play World Class D and Run the ball.

Speaking of Running the Ball- Why am I worried about Rashard again? The fumbles or the look of softness? I hope im wrong and he becomes the next Brian Westbrook like I eagerly expected when I took him 7th overall in my fantasy draft last week.

Are Television Commercials more irritating these days? they drive me nuts. What with the new bud light slogan HERE WE GO . . For some odd reason it seems awfully coincidental to me and I for one do not like it.

Another thing- No other fans of the 31 Nfl teams should be allowed to wave towels. of ANY color or size. Get your own hottness.

well have "purple brownie" fans sitting in there stadium with there towel and a HERE WE GO bud lite? ... (crickets)

Why wouldnt Jonathan Dwyer Get on his bowflex 4 months bfore two a days start and report in camp in shape instead of teasing us in the last two games? Id workout for 3 years straight 24 hrs a day just to catch one ball at a non mandatory mini camp in april. beleive that.

Speaking of the Bud light Commercials, The one where the brother opens up the fridge and says something like "Bud lite in a fridge made out of bud lite" that was funny. just gotta lose our Chant. anyone ever see the clown commercial where the clown wants to "suprise" the children and he jumps down the steps and a sharp toy goes thru his foot and he screams his ass off and the kids all freak? That one is STILL funny

Crezlon Butler? Sorry I cant spell your name yet but I hope I can come playoff  time

Ike Taylor? Why do you gotta act so Rookie on the most mundane of plays? Give me a pick 6 then you can cop your disco. Till then teach Keenan Lewis how to wrap up.

We need a nickname for Emanual Sanders. or we gonna let Tidwell Stick?

Just got a Nissan Titan Its Red. I dont like Red but its used 07 and the price was rite although Ive always had black trucks so my steeler Gear and Stickers would blend in sweetly. The red is a change and as we all know Change is not always good.

Hey Speaking of CHANGE that sounds familiar! Ive  always Had American made vehicles, This is my first non domestic. If our current administration(s) are going to continue to ship our jobs overseas and pass policies that do not help us americans DONT rely on me to be the guy that buys a Dodge to "save our jobs" I played that role for 35 years and it DONT work. My Father whos an Old Skool Union Buy American guy said I should be "Embarreassed" in my opinion until people start understanding the ENGINEERED economic collapse by the Banksters and the Elites we should all be embarrassed. Maybe we should just say Fxck it and start another War. Iran anybody?

Stevenson Sylvester makes me forget about Kendrell Bell ( crickets)

Atlanta Season Opener: I cant even Picture it Really. I got tickets and ill meet up with anyone not wearing Holmes or Stewart on the back of a 10 jerzey but isnt it weird opening up with Atlanta? Id rather have a division Rival to fire up the ole Juices. I will have  cornhole set up by 9 am pregame. Bidding on a parking pass now so ll let yall know where im at . (lol funny)

I like the New Maddens. I play low level normal people matches so Im not sure if its all gitched out but I enjoy it haters be gone.

Ready for a new "Jams that get ya pumped" New Avenged sevenfold I really like. anybody else got some hits throw em down cuz i Appreciate it.

Steve Hawking just came out and said that God didnt create the universe. We all know Issac Redman Created the universe !! Ba Bump Bump!!

The Bengals got ugly ass iniforms. Helmets aint bad but the rest of that getup is aweful.

well my wife is throwing a pool party so ill be in and out throughout the weekend cuz I gotta get ready for that. She told me to get a bunch of cases of beer instead of a keg so we " would have leftover beer for the opener"  all I said was honey I like the way ya think. Wait till she finds out we dont own a cornhole set.

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