BTSC By The Numbers

With the final cut down looming and players fighting for a spot on the roster and a numbered jersey we can tell opening day 2010 is not far. Here at BTSC we also have been preparing for the opening of the season. Momma Rollett has been stretching her vocabulary, Arn has been loading up his bullets and everyone has generally been going through verbal calisthenics trying to earn a spot on the BTSC recommended post thread or bumped to the front page. Some of us lucky few (shout out to my fellow MSP authors!) are still reveling in our name in print...But I digress. It's time to hand out numbers behind the steel curtain. Excuse any errors in screen name spelling as I'm doing this off the cuff. I have of course taken the #50. Line forms behind Michael Bean. He's #1;

The Cool one, Neil Coolong gets #2. He makes the team and beware when debating his take. He will drink your milkshake.

Johnny takes #24. Why 24? He could easily be 2 or 3 but this young gunner has come into BTSC and made a name. Like Kobe Bryant (#24) who I disliked in the beginning for his brashness I have grown to respect both their abilities.

Blackadar gets #7. Since Hi5 was cut during mini camp Black is probably the single biggest defender (male) of Ben on the site. For that you have earned his number.

Arn (Ahrn!) gets #53. He's the big man in the middle. Immensely popular with the fan base. Hopefully the Steelers #53 can dominate the trenches like Arn dominates this site. Of Arn I've said "he could write the alphabet and get a rec!"

Bad Maafala is #45. Anyone that can't figure that one out needs to be demoted to the Pirates Clubhouse site until they come to their senses. One of my all time favorite monikers and philosophizers at BTSC. He always has a spot on the 50's 53. Fuuuuuu!

Some easy ones; Count'em're 6. Fifty Eight...take 58. Webslasher makes the cut. He's 81. Hines Ward gets 86. Romain El where ever you are, c'mon down and pick up your #82. Steeler.Lifer has dibs on #33. That's the Steelers first year in business and I think Lifer might have been selling programs at Forbes Field that day!Tannofsteel has earned his #84 jersey. Swiss is 72 and Billy is 52. NYSteelerFan4 is 4. NYSteelerFan is 5 because their monikers are so close even if their vision isn't. Got Woodley? #56. CLK? #47. Flying Polamalus? #43.

Some tough ones; WV gets #44 for the greatest player in WV history, the emblem Jerry West. Klompus is sporting a #17. Why 17 you ask? "I'm Keith Hernandez!" Cold Old Steelers fan gets a 34 as Andy Russell was the coldest and oldest Steeler I ever saw play. Alfresco gets #21. Black Jack Uncle Alfresco. SteelFever gets #93. Just like Ron Artest. Great game just keep an eye on him that he doesn't go into the stands after a fan.

1BlkAndGold fan would be #1 except for Bean. But she is #1 with me twice over so she gets #11. Momma, you write so well and use so many words why not a lotta 1s for you too? Pick up your 111 from "The Plumber" (who figured out that line?)


If I forgot you it's only because I haven't heard from you in a while. Doesn't mean you didn't make the squad, just means you haven't been assigned a number yet. Grab a keyboard and show us you stuff. Check in. Comment. Lament. Earn your number at BTSC. It's going to be a great season...because every season is a great season. It's not just football. It's Steeler Football. Here We Go!!!

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