Preseason Driveby Report: Double D needs your support edition

This Driveby is delayed due to my inability to see the game until Saturday Night.  Anyhow, I finally got to see it and once again I was falling asleep.  I am so glad this is the last preseason driveby.

Locked and loaded:

1. Timmons:  Manimal.  Timmons is bringing it.  Ok it's preseason but show great improvement from last year.  He had a couple tackles for loss and almost a sack. He's nasty on punt coverage too!

2. E. Sanders:  Yeah let's cut this guy already!  I mean he can't run routes and all right?  Gimme a break.  I think we saw more rookie mistakes last week by posters than we did from Sanders.

3. Lewis:  I hope the problems from week 3 were an anomaly.  I've seen some things I like.  The main thing that needs to be fixed, seems to me like he tries to make plays instead of disciplining himself to his assignment and/or recognition.  That can be fixed.

4. Butler:  I really like this kid.  He can cover and he can tackle.  The play where he gave up is forgivable.  He thought it was over. 

5. Bailey and R. Williams:  I know a lot of people said they had a good game, but I saw a few splash plays mixed in with a bunch of really bad plays.  If this had been regular season I would point them out.  Let me just say this.  There were a couple long runs where I saw Bailey flat footed and sealed off easily.  A few arm tackle attempts as well.

6. Will Allen and Mundy:  They bring the wood. I like that. (I know TWSS)

7. Sylvester:  Suffering succotash again.  We can call him T2 (Timmons 2). 

8. Burnett:  I wish him well.  Too deep at CB to keep him.  We sat next to him mom and sister at the Viking game last year.  They are really nice people.  She's a single mom.  I hope all works out well for them.

9. Hartwig: After the way he played this last game, he had to know he was gone.  He looked like a turnstile.

10. Sunny Harris:  I don't know what it is.  How can a guy look so good and play so blah.

11. Logan:  The sad fact for him? He had to be Devan Hester good to make the team because Brown is much better than him at receiver. 

12. Didn't they tell the Panthers they can't kick 50+ yard fieldgoals?

13. Pouncey: Had some trying moments and responded well.  Good to see from the young fella.

14. Jeff Reed:  Must think he's playing soccer.  Did you see his attempt at a slide tackle?  Have you noticed how Sepulveda makes guys run out of bounds?

15. Ike Taylor: Doing a good job in run support and coverage.

16. Leftwich:  Even if I wanted to see Dixon play, I definitely didn't want to have Leftwich hurt! 

17. Dixon:  Ready or not here he comes.  8 in the box?

18. Starks:  I was going to give him some props on some things I saw, but I remembered the Panthers didn't play any starters.  Still made a couple pancakes.

19. Adams:  Yeah he makes some mistakes (not many in this game) but he gets the job done.  Also I heard that he has a hearing problem in his right ear.  Good thing he's on the right huh?

20. Redman:  Redman!

21. Dwyer: Knew all he had to do is outplay Vincent.  Done.

22. Urbik: Lost.  Cut.

23. Ok who brought their dog to the game?

24. This bullet is for you.  Get busy.
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