Hump Day Mix: Regular Season week 1, Atlanta Falcons

 Were baaaaaack! The tandem that you all know and love, the dynamic duo of Arn and Web! Tackling hump day Steeler's Q & A as well as putting up nice pics for your  amusement, and ours lol. Enjoy!

Last week's predictions?


PixburghArn:  Well I got  it right last week.  I had Dwyer getting some reps

with the seconds (no stretch there) but it seems that work was significant

for him.  Solidified his place.  The writing was pretty much on the wall for

Vincent already though.    Sanders redeemed himself big time.  Not bad at

all.  Dixon shined; one pass thrown and it's a TD.  Brown didn't take one to

the house and Allen didn't have an INT but Sylvester almost had 2 sacks and

Allen made some nice plays.


Webslasher81: Ok all in all I got 1 of my predictions right. Sanders performed quite well (3 rec 66 yards 1 td)

And I am happy about the outcome, "Can't See Me" didn't play particularly bad (1-2 on tackles no sacks), but wasn't a force

As I would of liked him to be. Alas Troy P's hair came down with no picks (d'oh!) but he came away with at least a tackle.

DD came out and did was he had to do, shook off the cobwebs and threw a

23 yard strike to E. Money for his only TD. I was very pleased with the outcome.



What about this week?




PixburghArn: I'm going to say Special Teams will decide this game.  A big

play on special teams will shift momentum and pretty much decide it.  The

defense will be opportunistic and have 4 sacks in the game to go with 2

INTs.  The offense will succeed if Dixon looks for Heath.  I'm going to say

24-20 Steelers.


Webslasher81: Well I have to say that the Steelers extend their home opener winning streak to 9

(I believe don't quote me, ask Johnny_S the all knowing stat master lol.) The intensity of this game will

be fueled by the Defense (3 sacks, 2 picks, 1 fumble recovery). Dixon will be fine under pressure will strike twice

once to Wallace and the 2nd to dun dun dun...MeMo. 31-17 Steelers.



Who will stand out this week?




PixburghArn:  I say it's Ike Taylor on defense and Rush-hard Spin-den-haul

on offense.  How about a pick for Ike and a sack?  Rush-hard will have 2 TDs

and over 100 yards.


Webslasher81: I say for me it's the tandem of both Troy P. and the "Headhunter",

(1 pick a piece, and Troy P. get's a sack). For the offense Mike Wallace will come up big,

(5 rec 120 yds 1 TD) and DD (10-14 231 yards, 2 TD's and 4 attempts 33 rush yards 1 TD).



Hit of the game from the Panthers game?




PixburghArn:  Darn it I forgot to look for one.  I'll go with the one I

remember.  That would be the Sylvester hit on a receiver that separated him

from the ball.


Webslasher81: I forgot to look for one as well, but I will piggyback off of Arn,

Just this once! lol.




What concerns you about this game?




PixburghArn:  First thing is the Falcon's run game.  A healthy Turner could

be a problem.    Second is how well the coaches prepare Dixon.   As much as

I like his running ability, we can't afford him getting knocked out of the

game.  Batch has a history of injuries and he didn't get any younger. 



Webslasher81: The Big 3 for the "ATL": Ryan, White, and Turner. If we contain Ryan and Turner

Soundly, White will have a bad day as well. We have to read between the lines, leave no

Grey areas. Secondly, B.A. we better go back to our "roots" so to speak and establish a

Good running game from the jump, controlling the clock is controlling the game.


Any random notes?




PixburghArn:  This schedule works out well for us with the Ben suspension.

Two of the Four games are NFC teams.  Only one of those games is a division

game and it's at home.   Ben has a bye to get extra work before his first

game back.  I saw Dick LeBeau throw a couple of blitzes in there to test

Polamalu.   I haven't seen that flavor of blitz in a while.   It is a good

thing when he feels comfortable enough to blitz Ike.  I am looking forward

to seeing some new formations and blitzes.



Webslasher81: Although our defense is aging, this will most likely be the

"Balls to the wall" year so to speak, one last push for glory. BB is out which

Means the O needs to tighten up and not just float by but control every blade of grass.

Getting back to the D, they need to play tight as well especially in the secondary, the run D

Should be well off with Smith back, I hope the "Master" can devise a scheme(s) to frustrate the

Offense of every opponent, first starting off with Atlanta. When BB comes back he should have that

spark to carry us into the postseason.




We heard from our opponent and all about their team, but what about their

cheerleaders?  We are equal opportunity around these parts.  So Arn and I want to introduce you to our ambassador of the week.







My representative from the Falcons is.. I don't know her name, but she

reminds me of my ex-girlfriend from North East D.C.   Hey she was crazy,

but. never mind.










Webslasher81: Mine ambassador is Carey...she doesn't remind me of a ex-girlfriend

But I would want her to be lol.









Time to go international.




PixburghArn:  I am staying in Latin America.  Surprised??? 




My first stop is Argentina and your tour guide is the lovely Joy Lasic.









And my last stop this week is Peru, where Miss Karen Schwarz will show you








Webslasher81: 2 countries I'm going with: the land down under (Australia) and their crazy neighbors (New Zealand)!


Emma Frost a.k.a. Tahnya Tozzi the comic book hottie Aussie!






I don't know who she is but...I would want to "purposely" be put in detention after school!






Well ladies and gents another chapter closes in the Hump Day mix-a-thon, I hope you all have enjoyed

the blog and tune in next week for the real saga of the "CLASH OF THE TITANS" Steelers style!


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