Hump Day Mix: Divisional Playoff week (Round 3) Edition


Hello, Hello, Hello again faithful BTSC followers of the Hump mixery! Last week’s wildcard matchup’s raised a few eyebrows…(at least mine…the Jets…THE SEAHAWKS!!!), well I guess that’s what puts WILD in the wildcard matchups, as usual The God’s of Olympus (Arn and yours truly, while 6 is with us in spirit.) give you the lowdown on who were facing…and as fate would have it, like no other way in the world we turned the Ravens card. Round 3 of defensive juggernauts, our team vs. the DelMarVa Shorebirds (pun!). Let’s get to the hump…


PixburghArn:  I'm sitting here contemplating a trip to Heinz for the game Saturday.  Do I have tickets?  Yes I do.  I had four but I sold two of them.  I was thinking of selling the other two and staying home.  Why?  Because they lost to the Ravens when I went for the week 4 match, I would however like to go back to the scene of the crime and give the boys a chance to redeem themselves.  They owe me one!  I still may not go…..

 Webslasher81: You know speaking of losses, a couple of months ago I bit off more than I could chew. I jinxed myself I said before the Steelers/Jets game I was 5-0 @ Heinz. I had one of my good friends TJ fly in from Raleigh to come to the game with me, We have had a great track record since I moved to NC in 2005, we won 2 super-bowls in that timeframe up until I left out to Colorado, 4 games into this regular season. The weekend was great, the game was a nail-biter all the way to the last minute. If there is anything I want more right now is that 7th Lombardi gracing the Great Hall in the Burgh.

What are your predictions for this game?


PixburghArn:  I predict that it will be a tough game (duh).  This is a coming out for the young bucks.  Brown and Sanders will make key plays.  Baltimore will pay special attention to Ward and Wallace and this will open things up for them.   They will try to get Wallace or Sanders one on one with a CB and test Baltimore deep a few times.  Ward, the crafty veteran will find a way to make a huge play.  A late mistake will allow the Steelers to ice the game with a late field-goal. Steelers 27-17.

 Webslasher81: Looking at since the inception of the Ravens and Steelers rivalry that started many moons ago, I can say this…this will be an all out war once again. We win this game off of Swishes toes…Steelers 13 Ravens 9.

Who are your standouts in this game?


PixburghArn: The obvious choice on defense would be Troy, but I am going to say that Timmons will be the man.  His coverage on Rice and/or Heap will be crucial.  On offense the standout will be Ben.  Ben will get everyone involved and have completions to every eligible receiver that sees playing time.  He will have two TD passes one to Hines and the other to either Wallace or Sanders.

 Webslasher81: There are times were I swung and missed on standouts, but if there is anything that I am standing my ground on is this. BB will throw a bomb to Wallace to bust it wide open, and the defender getting burnt will be Reed and or Carr. The defense will carry us the rest of the way. The "Wolverine" will come up big for us in the trenches, and a crucial INT will set the tone to set the sails to the AFCC from none other than…Ike Taylor, yea I said it…Ike will come down with a crucial pick that will win the game for us. Troy will be Troy we know this…his playmaking abilities with set up that game winning pick for Ike to take us to the land of AFC milk and honey.

Cheerleader of the week:


PixburghArn:  As I said about midyear I will keep in PG-13.  Slash you can have at it.  If the links don’t work let me know.  Don’t put booty pics up in place of them like last week.  Doh!  Anyhow I have chosen a few hostesses from the Ravens cheerleaders. 


First:  They want to show you their flying skills.  Check out the airtime on these birdies!





Next:  Good thing you got a picture kid.  Because women won’t flock to you like this when the cute chubbiness goes away. 





Webslasher81: ARN! Lol. I’m sorry brudda…I will console with you for further HDM’s from now on when it comes to your pics not posting. I will let you know beforehand, and you send me your eye candy. Now that since Arn has taken care of the Ravens side of the house, I will turn your attention to those lovely J-E-T-S cheerleaders…meet, Meredith and her cheerleading sidekicks…Lora and Amy!






International hostess of the week:


PixburghArn:  I think I’m going to take a trip to Asia and visit Bangkok.  My sweet hostess is the lovely miss Fonthip Watcharatraku.  If you had a blind date with her, you would probably balk at that name.  You would be greatly disappointed in the end.




 Webslasher81: Asia…ahh what a beautiful area Arnie, I commend you as always…My latest trip took me deep into mid-Europe and where I landed was Warsaw, Poland. Meet the scrumptious…Joanna Krupa.



Well this wraps up another edition of the HDM mixery BTCS’ers, I hope you all have gotten your fill…tune in next week. But for now, LET'S GET READY FOR SATURDAY!!!
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