My Top Prospects for the Steelers in the 2011 NFL draft

As you all can tell by know, I am a draft junkie. Here is a list of Steelers prospects for this year and there rounds.

Round 1:

Brandon Harris, CB: If Harris falls to the Steelers late in round 1 I would hope he is the pick. The kid can flat out ball and can make big plays at big times. He would instantly be the #2 corner if Ike resigns and if he does not he would be the #1. However, we would likely have to trade up a couple spots to snag him. Think early 20's

J.J. Watt, DE: This is not a player I would trade up for but if he fell to the STeelers he would be a great DE to develop as the replacement for Kiesel.

I don't have any other players I am really interested in for our late first round pick. If neither of these players are available, I would prefer to trade down and acquire picks in the mid rounds where there are a ton of players with great value and need.

Round 2:

Mike Pouncey, G: This is the only way I see us getting Pouncey. WE would have to trade out of the first round into the top 10 of the second round and acquire Pouncey. This would give us more picks and give us better value for Pouncey

Jimmy Smith, CB: Smith is rapidly emerging as the #4 CB in this class. He is very big with smooth hips and has good speed. He could provide an island on one third of the field

Torey Smith, WR: Not a big need, but Smith, Wallace, Sanders, and Brown would be scary for years to come.

Ras-I Dowling: If Smith is gone and the Steelers are going to corner at the end of round 2, Dowling is likely the best choice.

Benjamin Ijalana, G/T, Villanova: I like him more than Pouncey. He is more versatile and is a better Guard then Pouncey.

Phil Taylor, NT: Taylor could be groomed as the replacement for Hampton. However, I see more value later in the draft for a NT.

Aaron Williams, CB: If he fell to the STeelers at the end of round 2 that would be amazing. Great combination of speed and size but lacks the playmaking ability

Muhammed Wilkerson, DE: The ideal 3-4 DE, Wilkerson would be a great pickup for this team.

Do you see why I want to trade the 1st round pick to get another 2nd. There are so many viable options in the 2nd round and if we could get any combination of these players in round 2, I would be thrilled.

Round 3

Curtis Brown, CB: If we neglect CB in rounds 1 and 2, Brown would be a great round 3 pickup.

Marcus Cannon, G: Cannon is another great value pick and has the size and strength to play in the AFCN

John Moffit, G: More likely to fall to the Steelers at the end of the 3rd round, Moffit would be a great consolation prize.

Jerrell Powe, NT: This is my ideal round 3 pick. Powe would take a year or two to develop, but Hampton has at least 2 more years in him so Powe will be given that time

Jerrel Jernigan, WR: Jernigan would be a steal at the bottom of round 3.

Acquiring a 2nd 3rd rounder would be nice but I would rather have 2 seconds as there is much more depth in round 2.

Round 4

Christian Ballard, DE: In a lot of years, Ballard would be a 2nd or 3rd round pick. However, due to the massive amounts of 3-4 DE/4-3 DT, Ballard will likely fall to round 4. He is my ideal pick here.

Davon House, CB: I see House as a potential lock down corner. He could be the steal of the draft.

D.J. Williams, TE: Williams would be a huge upgrade at TE2.

Mark Barron, SS/FS: Barron and Mundy could be the safety's of the future when Polu is gone and Clark gets slower and older.

Jalil Brown, CB: He is a player I would really like to get.

Austin Pettis, WR: Reminds me a lot of Hines and could be groomed to replace him.

Ahmad Black, S: More of a FS than a SS but might be better than Clark right off the bat.

Getting 2 seconds and 2 fourths would be ideal for me. There is great depth in both rounds. I would love a combo of Williams and Brown if we had two picks in this round.

Round 5

DeAndre Brown, WR: This would be the steal of the draft. Brown's stock will hurt because he has only played one year of College football, but at 6-6, 220, with a 30 inch vertical and a 4.5 40 and a great work ethic, he would be too good of value to pass up here.

Derrick Locke, RB: Locke would be a nice 3rd down back.

Kendrick Ellis, NT: Under the STeelers organization and leadership, Ellis could turn into a great NT.

Steve Schilling, G: Would still be an upgrade over either G spot.

Cedric Thorton, DE: Since we have at least 2 years to develop him, we could draft a guy who is raw but has huge upside. Definitely not ready to play in the NFL yet but due to his upside and work ethic will likely go in round 5. 

Not much here I would love except Brown. If Brown is gone I would want Schilling


I won't do rounds 6 and 7 yet but look for them in about a month.

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