A look at the Ravens and Steelers series from the goal line's perspective.

Just for fun I started looking at our players and their career numbers against the Ravens.  Something stood out.  Then I looked at the Ravens stats, and something stood out there too.  Not that it's too shocking, but I was a little surprised by some of the numbers here.

Steelers current players, games vs the Ravens and TD's vs ravens.

Name                    Games                TDs

Hines Ward         26                          6

Heath Miller         13                          4

Mendenhall           5                           3

Randle El              11                         3

Redman                2                           1

D. Dixon                 4                           1  (IR I know, but he ran one in.)

That's it.  That's all the offensive TD's vs. the Ravens by players that touched the ball this year.  Ben only has passing TD's, I'm not counting those.  Also Woodley and Troy have a TD on defense.

So yeah, a grand total of 20 TD's vs the Ravens from this current team.

Notice Wallace isn't on the list yet.  Would be nice to change that.

Some interesting stats:

Guess when Hines scored his last TD vs. the Ravens.  Did you guess 2004?  Cause it was Sept. 19, 2004.  Hines is in a three way tie for 3rd all time in the series.  Can you guess the two in front of him?

Bettis?  Nope, he scored 2 TD's in 15 games against the Ravens (also threw for 1, but that doesn't count here)

Parker?  Nope, 8 games, 1 receiving TD.

Holmes?  That's one, Holmes had 8 TD's in only 9 games vs. the Ravens.  Raven Killer indeed.

The other player in front of Hines is Amos Zereoue.  In 6 games vs. the Ravens Famous Amos had 7 TD's. (2 in one Playoff game if you look it up and see 5 and 5 on most stat sites)

Tied with Hines at 6 TD's is Plexico Burress with 6 TD's in 12 games and Kordell Stewart with 6 in 13 games (5 rushing, 1 receiving)

Some surprises there for me, Bettis with all of 2 TD's vs. the Ravens?  Zereoue with 7?  That surprised me.  Also, seriously, Hines hasn't scored on the Ravens since 2004.

Now for the other side.

Name                          Games               TDs

Houshmanzadeh          16                       7

Willis McGahee          10                       7

Todd Heap                  16                      4

Anquaan Boldin            3                         2

Chris Carr                    6                         1

Le'Ron McClain            7                       1

Derrick Mason           24                        1

That's 22 TD's for the Ravens players vs. the Steelers.  Housh has 6 from Cincy, McGahee has 2 from Buffalo and Boldin has 1 from Arizona, Chris Carr scored on us as a Raider.  Mason never scored on the Steelers as a Titan.

Notice Ed Reed isn't on the list.  He's never scored against the Steelers.  Also someone I'm sure several of you are convinced I forgot about somehow isn't on this list.  Ray Rice has never scored a TD against the Steelers.

The all time series TD leaders for the Ravens are Jamal Lewis with 7 and Qadry Ismail with 6 (only TD's as a Raven counted for that part)

When you just take the last four years McGahee has 5 TD's vs the Steelers, most of anyone in the league.  Mendy leads for the Steelers with 3, no one else has more than one.  Holmes had 8 from 2007-2009.

Last bit here, some bonus trivia just because the stat was handy:  What active player has the most TD's vs the Steelers?  The answer is Fred Taylor.  Now hanging on as a back-up in NE, Taylor scored 10 TD's against the Steelers as a Jaguar.  The all-time mark is set by Jim Brown, with 19 TD's.

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