Driveby Report: Don't call it a comeback we've been here for years Edition

Man I am so glad I went to this game.  This was one for the ages.  My son and I returned to the scene of the disappointing trip we made back in week 4.  No words to express what it was like at Heinz last night.  Now it's time to get busy.  Locked and loaded for this Driveby.

1. Young bucks:  In the HDM I alluded to the young bucks emerging.  And they delivered.

2. Antonio Brown: That catch was clutch.  You know that catch I'm talking about.  He also made some crucial big time plays throughout the game.

3. Sanders:  The other young buck that flexed his muscles in this game.  He made some big time plays in tough downs and distances.  On one play he made a catch and I thought it was Hines.  He ran a nice route and pulled the ball in while backing down field for more yards.

4. Hines:  I also alluded to the crafty veteran coming through in the clutch.  Tough catches when we needed him and a really tough catch for a TD in crunch time. 

5. Ben:  He does what he does.  Sometimes he does things that make you say !@%#$ like not throwing the ball away and getting a sack or fumbling a TD away.  Then he does something that makes you say..woooooooww likelaunching a beautiful pass to Brown down the sideline to set up the game winner.

6. Willie Gay:  Gotta give it up to him.  He played a really good game.  He even should have had a pick.  I kinda didn't want to mention him because just when you do, he lays and egg the next week. He better not, it looked like B-Mac won't be able to go.  That's just my guess.

7. Timmons:  He eats Rice for dinner.  How do you stop a Raven, with a ballhawk.  Timmons=ballhawk

8. Deebo:  Man he whooped blindsides hindside.  I think I may have said that before, but it deserved repeating if I did.

9. Ike:  He put his man to sleep and threw a blanket over him.  I heard Ravens fans talking about their great receiving corps.  They must have missed the bus.

10. Ziggy:  Gettin Ziggy wit it.  Actually he's a young buck too.  He's coming into his own.  Playing like a first rounder.

11. Ray Lewis: Just shut up.  He made excuses about turnovers.  Saying they can't have turnovers in the redzone and [alluding to] that's why lost.  Hello!  We had turnovers in the redzone and even gave then a touchdown on one of them.

12. Houshmouth:  He was the hero last time here, now he can be the zero.

13. Flacco:  Ravens fans were feeling great about him after week 4 in Pittsburgh.  I was saying he still only a good QB at best.  Once again he comes in and the Raven lays an egg.  No he is not elite and no he is not a franchise QB.

14. In the stands:  It wasn't cool that someone said "Hey go down the Mississippi and join Reed's brother."

15. In the stands II:  Man there were Steelers fans giving Ravens fans the business.  I was watching and thinking...Man, Malor must be getting it right now.  I really felt bad for him.  But what do you expect if you come up ti Pittsburgh to watch your team get pwned in the second half to go 0-3 in the playoffs against the Steelers?

16. In the stands III:  The 500 area of Heinz field was bouncing to the beat of "Black and Yellow" and shaking to the sound of "Renegade" all night!

17. In the stands IV:  If you think you saw me there, tell me where, what I was doing and why you think it was me.

18: Defense:  The Ravens grossed 160 yards total (that's gross).  They netted 126 total yards. 

19. Keisel:  I see ya bro.  The stats line never reveals all you do. 

20. Heath: I had to give you a shout out because the media doesn't know what's up.  We do.  You are clutch brutha.

21. This is your bullet, I know you've got something to say.


Ravens:  Momma said knock you out.

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