Hump Day Mix: AFC Championship weekend, (Southwest: Bags fly free) Edition


Hello again ladies and gentlemen, for another round of the Hump Day Mixery. I am glad faithful followers of the hump that we ended the Ravens hopes as I knew we would. Of course your favorite dynamic duo Arn and I, Websleazy (and 6 in spirit…I already dumped a 40 oz for ya brudda! Lol.) will be breaking down our latest win against "The Wire" and onto our upcoming round 2 match in the AFCC with Jabba’s J-E-T-S. Let’s all fly to Dallas together friends…lift off for the dish served cold in 3…2…1…jump!


PixburghArn:  I’m glad I decided to go.  If I would have sold those tickets I would have been really mad.  The boys redeemed themselves from my last disappointing trip to see them lose to these stinkin ratbirds.  Now I am awaiting word as to whether I’m going to have tickets for the AFC Championship.

 Webslasher81: I spent my divisional round of glory at a local pub with the "Dude" called the Triple Nickel. It was a great night to say the least, the place was jammed packed, and the nectar of the Gods was flowing like Niagra. It was a great day to be a Steeler fan.

How about those predictions from the Ravens game?


PixburghArn: I predicted this would be a tough game and that the young bucks would have a coming out.  I said that Brown and Sanders would make key plays.  Hmmm did I get that right?  I said they would get Wallace or Sanders one on one with a CB and test them deep a few times.  I also said the crafty veteran would find a way to make a huge play.  I said a late mistake would let the Steelers ice the game late with a fieldgoal.  Well there were some mistakes late and that missed field goal killed my spread of 10 (27-17) but hey I was close in a way…..

 Webslasher81: I can say in the least that I am no swami, Arn showed me up this week with dire fashion. I said it was going to be a close game and it was…just not the score I predicted. I predicted Wallace deep for our first score and the rest of the points coming off of Swish’s toes, (13-9) I was waaaaaaay off, but you guys still love me right? Lol. I also predicted "Can’t see me" would come down with the crucial pick to seal the deal…damn I’m striking out like ‘ol Casey at bat haha. (Groan) All that matters is that we won, and the way we won speaks volumes of those boys we picked in the 3rd and 6th rounds respectively.


What are your predictions for the Jets game?


PixburghArn:  I predict the Jets try to run the ball even though we are stout against the run.  They will try to get Edwards deep on us a few times to loosen the defense up.  Steelers defense will give up one touchdown and maybe a field-goal.  Steelers offense will be wide open.  The addition of Heath Miller and the combination of speed will be too much for the Jets safeties.  The young bucks come up big again.  Add on touchdowns again from the veterans Miller and Ward and it’s not close in the end.  Steelers 31 Jets 10.

Webslasher81: Awesome Arnie as usual with the score and the prediction…When we played the J-E-R-K-S the first time we gave up 7 within the first minute of the game…the rest as you can say is history. I honestly feel bad for this little green monsters I do, were hungrier, nastier, and better looking. (Lol!) Our special teams will be a lot better this game, Coach "Dad" puts a stamp on Sanchez, we rub them out completely…BB knows how to win the big games in the spotlight…Steelers 20 J-E-R-K-S 7. Oh yeah we got Taz and H-E-A-T-H back, no contest…


What about those standouts from last week?


PixburghArn: I said Timmons would be the man with his coverage on Rice and Heap underneath.  For the most part Timmons was a Rice killa.  He played another solid game patrolling the line of scrimmage from sideline to sideline.  He once again led the team in tackles, but Deebo and Clark were the splash players so they stood out more.  On offense I said Ben would be the man getting every eligible receiver involved.  Well not quite, but I did say he would throw two TD passes, one to Hines and another to one of the young bucks.  The other was to Miller, but Brown almost had one. 

 Webslasher81: I said BB to Wallace only td of the day for both parties…(burn), I said Ike makes the crucial pick…(Burn again), I also said a close(er) physical game than what the score said (triple burn). I need to lay off the sauce for a bit, lol.

Who are your predicted standouts for this game?


PixburghArn:  I’m going to say Farrior comes up big in this game on defense.  Don’t ask me why it’s just a gut feeling.  I think he’ll make a play in this game that is huge.  On offense Sanders will get due.  Sanders will have over 100 yards and a TD.   

 Webslasher81: On "D" I am saying the "Taz and Wolverine" combo eat Sanchez’s lunch, (Wood: 5 tfl, 1 fumble, 2 sacks) and (Taz: 2 picks, 1 sack with his hair, and 1 pick 6 from one of the 2 picks I have mentioned.). On "O" BB lights it up (20-27 303 yds. 2 tds 4 rushes 22 yds.).


Random Thoughts:


PixburghArn: I have to give a shout out to SteelChamps!!  He called it.  He took the Jets and Steelers with the spread and started looking for AFC Championship tickets on Friday.  I said he was crazy, but obviously he knew.  Great job SteelChamps!!

 Webslasher81: When speaking of shout outs Arnie, I have to give a shout-out to my buddy Joe for tagging along with me to the Trip Nick, He was the only Packer fan in the bar cheering right with us all throughout the game…maybe he knows something that were all expecting eh!?


Cheerleader of the week:


PixburghArn: For our flight this week I have a lovely crew to make you feel at home.  Please remember your seat and be used as a flotation device.


Jets-cheerleaders-28207-1291149918-18_display_image_medium Webslasher81: Wow! You know what…I might find this an interesting fact but, I believe the Jets are the only team in the championship games that have cheerleaders…holy schnikes! Well since the Jets have been taken over by Arn, I am choosing to go to Tampa, I don’t know what it is but…FLA has tons of prospects…Hello Rachel nice to meet ya!





International hostess of the week:


PixburghArn:  My international hostess of the week is Courtenay Hamilton from Wales. 


Miss_wales_2010_courtenay_hamilton_006_medium Webslasher81: Arn goes to Wales…I’m off to our neighbors up north O’Canada! Meet Ms. Nicki Kretchmer…



Hotties-07-nicki-gm_l1_medium Well that wraps up another HDM blast off…I hope our faithful followers have enjoyed the show. Tune in next week same "Bat" time…same "Bat" channel…thanks and have a safe weekend my friends!


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