Leadership and Team-first attitude.


Lot´s of times you see this two skills overlooked while evaluating a sports player. Speed, strength, agility, stamina, technics, are what most teams look for when dratfing, trading or signing a player. Don´t get me wrong, i do know all this skills are extremely important. But when you are playing at such a high level, where the difference between super fast and super super fast is so thin you got to go with the players that bring those intangibles such as Leadership, work ethics, and team-first attitude.

I am thankfull the Rooneys, Colbert and coach Tomlin understand that.

Time and time again you will see teams like the Redskins pay huge amounts to players like Haynesworth, or the Bungles with TO, you know the list can go and on.

When you fill your team with ego filled divas you are bound to lose. 

A nice example of this, yet in another sport, is Real Madrid (one of spains biggest Soccer teams), over the last years they have spent millions and millions of dollars on the biggest stars, the biggest names in soccer... yet they have not won anything.

The first time i chose the Steelers as my football team was due to their colours, then i saw their play and that got me even more inclined to this team... but it wasnt until i started reading, and observing what a great organization the steelers are that i fell in love with this team. (Even planning to make the whole trip from Uruguay just to see a game at heinz field next season).

In almost 12 years following the steelers i saw real men like Hines crying, not because of him not being able to go to the Superbowl, but because he wanted to give Jerome Bettis the possibility to play in the big game.

I saw Aaron Smith (my personal idol) play after facing the most feared news for a father, his son was diagnozed with leukemia and he was devastated, But he was not about to let down his team, he played that sunday against the Giants and gave everything out there.

I saw Larry Foote coming back to a backup role, and accept that role and embrace it, i saw him make sure that this would not mean his friend James Farrior loose any playing time.

I saw players like Ward or Smith take the younger players under their wings and help them even knowing they would some day take their places in the team.

Charlie Batch accepted his role as the Fourth QB this year, knowing there was almost no chance he would play, but he would be there each and every game on the sideline helping Dixon when he was playing and helping Big Ben when he came back.

Flozell was throwing his guts up, and when he heard Johnatan Scott got injured he was willing to go back to the game, even feeling sick as hell.

I will always remember (guess i have already mentioned this in some other post) Big Ben receiving the Lombardi Trophy, after a whole season that saw him get as many sacks as a QB could stand.... a whole season in which all media was marking his O-line as the worst in the league... his first words that day were.... "Hey offensive line.... who is laughing now O-Line" ... Believe me, having played O-Line myself that makes you willing to throw yourself in front of a truck to defend your QB.

Watching recaps of the game against the Ravens i got to see Ben on the sideline talking to his team... if you have not seen that... please do... that will show you what a real leader is.
As momma rollet showed in todays post... even the injured guys are trying to contribute to the team, helping their backups or just being there
This is why i know the steelers are getting their 7th Superbowl... because from the Rooneys down everybody knows what team work is all about, and what it takes to win.
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