Driveby Report: Black and Gold Storm Grounds the Jets Edition

There's nothing like shutting up a big mouth.  This was like the big guy that's quiet, getting tired of the loud mouth punk and beating the crap out of him.  Even though the Steelers let up on them and then methodically put them to sleep it was a beat down. 

I feel a little uniformed in my Driveby today.  I was in church the first half.  I did DVR it but haven't watched all of the first half.  I got home in time to see the bad stuff (second half).  I was going to wait until I watched it entirely but then I remembered something.  I have lots of people in my posse.  They can let some bullets fly too.

So I am just going to start the festivities and "lock and load" with what I have.

1.  Rush-Hard Spin-then-Haul:  Call him "Spin Doctor" if you want, but my nickname suits him better.  When he does what my nickname suggests (especially the first part) he gets the job done.  All of the pregame hype about the receivers and Ben and they forgot about Dre Rush-Hard.

2. Ben: He's like Jason or Freddie Kruger.  If you are an opposing defense he scares you to death, lives in your nightmares, and no matter how bad you think you have him he keeps coming back until he kills you.

3. Young Bucks:  If you look at the stats line you think wow they didn't do much.  Let me tell you ONE can be a very big number.  Like:  A. Brown had ONE catch and it was a dagger.  Sanders had ONE catch and it was big enough to set up a TD.  Wallace had ONE catch that kept the chains moving on a TD drive.  But who needs to throw when you're steamrolling the Dee?

4. Miller:  That's right Jets he does make a difference.  Like Brown he provided a dagger to the heart of the Jets in the waning moments.

5. Timmons:  He was on his game in the second half.  In the fourth quarter he was everywhere.  I was surprised to see he only had 9 tackles.  I figured he had a lot more in the first half.

6. Farrior:  He's still laying the wood.  He and Timmons have gelled in the interior.  You want to know why you can't run on the Steelers?  I just gave you two good reasons.

7. Hampton: Rate the battle between him and Mangold.  Who won it?  Don't go by tackles either.  Go by whether or not Mangold neutralized him or Hampton disrupted things.  My vote is advantage Hampton.

8. Keisel:  The man is a beast.  Definite Pro Bowl End.  I'm glad he won't be able to play in the Pro Bowl though.

9. Ziggy:  Man what ever they did to turn him on... keep it coming.  I like the look of a A. Smith and Hood rotation.

10.  Willie Gay:  Big play Willie Gay.  Remember him?  Had a few let downs but you can't doubt his heart.  I like his mentality.  Last year would have been enough to crush a lesser man. Big ups for Big Willie.

11. Ike:  The only real blemish for the day was when he fell covering Santonio Holmes.  The strip sack was huge. (don't even think about it)

12.  One punt:  That's all

13. Arians:  Get off his jock already.

14. Meemo:  Nice catch. Too bad two plays later Ben under throws Sanders for a pick.

15. NINE minutes:  Now that's Steeler football.  Punch you in the mouth all the way down the field.

16. A. Brown:  His first and last Kickoff returns were much needed.  The first one set the tempo by giving good starting field position and his last one took a lot of pressure off of the offense by setting them up in good field position.

17. FIVE:  An announcer stated this fact.  Five weeks ago the Jets won by five. Now (at the time) the Steelers lead by 5.  Of course they went on to win by 5.

18.  Cheerleaders:  I heard the Jets brought their cheeleaders.  I told them I wasn't going to be there.  They must not have gotten the memo.

19.  Ed Hochuli:  Did anyone think we may get screwed when they found out he was officiating?

20. Pouncey:  Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!

21. What are you waiting for fire away. 

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