Some quick thoughts on Browns win

Good to see everything fall into place today.  It's so rare to get a laugher...much less 2 in a row!  I don't know what to do with myself as I'm used to calming my nerves on Sunday nights.  Have not went back and watched the game so here goes my quick thoughts:

1. Ben looks like he is peaking and very comfortable with the receiving core.  Hard to get too excited against 2 bad teams but he is throwing vertically and making good decisions.  That deep ball to Wallace was a great toss.  Held the free safety on Manny Sanders (who was also running a post) and led Wallace away from Haden who actually had solid coverage.  Just really pretty.  I have a feeling Ben is ready for a playoff run.

2. Mendy ran hard and has a nose for the goal line.  I like Legursky at the FB...he can punish LB's and has recently.  I know they have been trying to run to left the last couple of games to either show something different for the playoffs or work to improve, or both. they can't run left at all.

3. OL looked solid (except for Scott....god he is bad)...that makes 3 strait games where they look strong in all aspects...well mostly.  This is good.....starting to gel.

4. BA playcalling better.  Some things I noticed that I liked:

-Heath on the flair out for a TD. 

-That slant to Wallace at the 4.  Ben made a bad throw or that was a TD.  In fact, slants to Wallace and Brown are more frequent and appropriate. 

-Finally a play action pass to Wallace behind the 50!  That play is always called after they get past midfield and it doesn't give Ben and MIke enough room to stretch it the way they can. 

-Bubble screen to Brown.  That was a 26 yard cut he made...normally Hines gets those and pushes ahead for 5 yards. 

All in all......seems like the O is getting it together at the perfect time but again....2 bad teams.

5. D is...well typical D.  If Troy is back healthy we are safe.  Keisel is looking really strong.  Timmons was sticking people. Ziggy's spin move was sweet. Ryan needs to tackle better.  In fact, let me just say it.........I want to see an upgrade at FS next yr.  I love that kid but would rather see a faster playmaker there for the same price or even cheaper. Willy Gay may not cover but he can blitz the QB. I'm worried about BMac's injury.  Was great to see Farrior get some rest.  Stephenson is going to be a monster someday.  Maybe next yr.

6. Why can every punter down the ball inside the 10 but ours?  This really is getting irratating.

7. I love when Troy leaps over the line.  I can watch that over and over.

8. Is it just me or is anyone else concerned about Maurkice hitting the roookie wall?  He doesn't seem to be slowing down but man...that kid has played every snap this yr other than when he went down with some minor injuries. Just have to wonder if he gets worn down.  I sure do love that pick either way.

9. I actually saw Ben throw the ball away on 3rd down to allow an easy FG attempt by Suisham.  Could he be growing up in this area?  That was so boring....and so nice to see!


12-4 and AFC North Champs.  I can think of maybe 1 or 2 people in the national media who picked us to do that.  They just didn't realize how balanced this team is and how much veteran leadership is in this locker room.  Think we are ready for a playoff run folks.  As much as I would love to see Balt knock off the Pats so we get to host the AFCC, I really want to see us go up to NE for some revenge.

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