Driveby Report: Puppy Stompin into the Playoffs

This was the kind of game I was looking for.   The Steelers jump on top of the Browns and never let them come up for air.  This officiating crew actually let the guys play.  Then again maybe that's because they didn't have too many tough calls to make.  Regardless, this is how you want to enter the post season.  Backing in like the Chiefs is not the way. 

Anyhow, let's get this party started right.  Let's get this party started quickly...right.  Set it of on the left y'all.  Set if off I suggest y'all.  Locked and loaded.

1. Ben:  He did it all.  He threw long and threw short.  He threw intermediate.  He ran.  Ok he does that a lot, but I like the fact that he trusts his receivers.  He's using Wallace as a deep threat and a YACman.

2. Wallace:  Someone compared him to Wilie Gault.  Wallace is better than Gault ever was and he's only in his second year.  I get the speed relation, but Gault didn't have Wallace's hands. By the way he finished 5th in the league with 1257 yards. Last of all, he and Ben have hooked up for more 40+ TDs in team history (in just 2 years).

3. Ward:  Before you form your lips to say it, think again.  He is still the crafty veteran.  He will show up in the playoffs.  He very likely may be the difference in one of the games.  I see him making plays on the running game and he made plays in the passing game.

4. Brown:  Electric.  He went to the sideline on a kick return that I think he could have gotten a lot more on, but every time he touches the ball he squeezes yardage out of the play.

5. ARE:  Gadgetman.  He can do so many things.  I just wish they wouldn't have used that play in THIS game.  That is, unless they have something else they run from it.

6. Dwyer:  Would like to have more of him since this was a blowout.  He was just getting his legs, but there wasn't enough game left. 

7. Redzone:  Every time they throw on first down inside the 10 (especially when they are up big) I get irritated.  On the same note; why not run the ball more late in the game instead of all of that passing?  Granted it came out 32 ( I think) passes to 30 runs, but 41-9 it should have been heavier on the run side.

8.  Keisel: Look at his stat-line.  It doesn't tell the whole story, but the splash plays it includes gives you an idea.

9. Timmons:  I think he's so fast that people can't see that it's him making the tackle.  One reason it's easy to miss his tackles is he has improved greatly in filling the hole.

10. Ziggy:  Emerging.  Eating up linemen, getting push and allowing the linebackers to get it done.

11.  Sylvester:  This dude can fly.  Once again I wish we could have seen more of the back ups. 

12. Troy:  I'm glad he made that play, but I really didn't want him to play.  Then after the pedal was to the metal, it started to make me nervous that he was still in there. 

13. Defense:  Finished 1st in Run Dee by a large margin and second to only San Diego in Total Dee by 5.2 yards a game.  They gave up only 232 points this year (best in the league) for an average of 14.5 per game.  They had the most sacks in the league with 48 and their 21 INTs were good enough for a tie for 5th with the Bears.

14. Myron Cope:  I miss that guy.

15. This one is yours:  I'm trying to ease my way back into work.....

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