Post Senior Bowl Mock Draft

I got the opportunity to go to the Senior Bowl in Mobile again this year and I liked what I saw, particuarly from the linebackers.  Casey Matthews, Von Miller, and Kelvin Sheppard all impressed me.  Of course, we will never be able to reach for Von Miller, and I think he would excel more in a 4-3 defense anyway.  Here is my ideal mock for the Steelers, even though it is usually BPA. 


Round 1: Pick 32- Mike Pouncey- G/C Florida

Pouncey wouldn't be a reach for this pick because we are pretty much picking in the 2nd round.  He fits our blocking scheme and his brother played with him for years; this is the chemistry we need.  I think it would be an easy resign and both can anchor our line for years to come.

Round 2: Pick 64- Curtis Brown CB Texas

I like Curtis Brown over Ras-I-Dowling.. he is 6 foot and a little lighter than I would like (185) but he would be an upgrade over what we have.  Ras-I has great size (6-2, 200) but he lacks agility and speed to be relevant I think; his hips aren't very fluid either.  I saw Brown play in the Senior Bowl and I think that he would be more feesable than Burton or Dowling here.

Round 3:  Jerell Powe NT Ole Miss

Boom Boom Powe will most definitely drop to the 3rd round if the draft were next week.  His motor and work ethic has been in question but I think with the Steeler way, he will pan out masterfully.  He has great size and strength and seems to be in the mold of Hampton as a NT of the future. 

Round 4: - Casey Matthews ILB Oregon

Due to the fact that the Matthews bloodline is nothing but success, I want a Matthews on the Steelers.  In the Senior Bowl I focused on Matthews and watched him make plenty of plays and he was always near the ball.  He would be a good ILB in our system opposed to OLB because he naturally fits the ILB mold, and he would be a good complement to Timmons/S. Slyvester in the future.  Steeler Nation would love this pick.

Round 5:- DeAndre Brown WR Southern Miss

Williams from NC was originally my pick, but I did research and decided not only would he be a bad prospect due to character concerns, but he would definitely be gone by the 3rd when we pick most likely.  I attend Southern Miss and I have watched Brown play for 3 years.  He is sick when he applys himself and goes all out.  He has been known to slack but his talent is unreal.. size too.  He got demoted to 3rd string this year and played situationally, but he would be a raw NFL talent.  He is a Steeler if I have ever seen one.  Southern Miss stud at Steelers? I think so.

Round 6:-  Greg McElroy QB Alabama

McElroy had a weak, weak Senior Bowl performance.  He can save himself in the combine and Pro Day, if he succeeds he could rise.  He is a Pro-style player and has the heart of a winner.  He could be a very good back-up in the NFL and could shine in limited time.  Back-up for the future. 

Round 7:- Jake Rogers K Cincy

Suisham is good, but I cringe everytime he gets passed the 45.  We need a big kicker with a big leg.  Seeing is how Alex Henerey will be long gone and I am not sold on LSU's Jasper, we go with someone closer to Pittsburgh.  A FA could be signed as well


Undrafted FA possibly picked up:

Trevor Hankins (P -A. State), Brian Lainhart (S K. State), Preston Dial (FB/TE Bama), Jah Reid (T UCF), Armando Allen (RB Notre Dame), Cory Grant (DT/DE TCU), Jamari Lattimore (LB Middle Tennessee)

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