Roger Goodell's Message to NFL Players and Fans: Drop Dead

Very interesting read at Huffington Post  on the email sent to "millions" of NFL fans by Goodell.

The link is here:

It's a long read but worth it to get some idea of the position from the  management side in the NFL negotiations. Goodell tries the age-old trick of playing on the emotions of the fans to garner support for his side.

The author, Dave Zirin makes some interesting points and the comments are as diverse as in National Politics.

But it looks as though it does boil down to blaming the players and fans for the trouble and need for more money. Huh?

Forget the fact that  a number of years ago the owners (through a well orchestrated media blitz and other BS) cried that football was too long! Heavens! Some games even went after 4:00 P.M. Eastern Time! So they changed the clock and plays to shorten the game. Did it work? Nope! The late game now starts at 4:15 (as it did with runovers) but now they get more commercials and poor "60 Minutes" has to start later, but that's ok. The extra time has been graciously taken up by even more repetitive, inane commercials. We already have the infamous breaks after kickoffs and punts, reviews and injury time outs.. What's next? After incompletions?  Between touchdowns and extra point tries? Sooner or later we're going to hear and see on the screen, "This snap is brought to you by..." Yeah. Football has been shortened but not the commercial time to bring you the broadcast. Some might argue that helps pay more for players, not to mention the extra revenue the owners get. I guess that extra commercial financial time is worth it to the fans when parity is achieved in Goodell's League; like when we have to sit through watching a 7 and 9 team not only  make the playoffs but WIN a division yet teams with 10 and 6 records stay home. So much for parity.

There's also the added Game Days. Started with Monday Night. That added big bucks for the owners. Then Thursday Night Games AND Sunday Night Games and with the exception of this year, when the college season is through, Saturday games and even a Christmas Game (is this the NBA?)  All of this to add revenue by adding more commercial time to a game already too long?

A 60 minute game which takes 3 hours with the ball actually moving for less than 5 total minutes. Less action time than watching Mike Rowe push Ford's or Jim Nance and Peyton Manning  and Tommy Boy Brady plug whatever time after time.  But the owners could lose money unless players and fans sacrifice we can see more commercials. Yeah! Shortening the game has made football a lot more interesting...for the owners and advertisers.

Of course, all of this is because the game IS popular and fans want to see it. And the owners know this and are exploiting the fans by using the game and the players more and more and giving back less and less (did I mention the 7 and 9 Western NFC Champs? Can't wait to watch that! Hell, high school football is more interesting than those teams!))

Zirin makes a good point about paying rookies atrocious salaries and bonuses before they play a single down. Gooddell tries to infer the rookies are to blame (or their agents), yet doesn't mention the fact that the rookies are holding guns to the heads of the owners to give them all that cash! And we all know the owners don't try to outdo each other signing the "best" players. Right! Because owners don't make any money. I imagine that's why they pay their people so much to get to the playoffs and Superbowl...not for the money those bring in for the owners you understand, but for the glory. Uh HUH!

There's the quote from Ward about Goodel being concerned about safety then wants to add two more games even though that's not exactly true. They just shorten training camp to two less games. Playing in sport's most physical and dangerous game, reducing prep time ain't a good thing.

Read the article and decide for yourself who's zooming who.  Just remember what Goodell has done for the fans and players (Ben and Brett especially) and what he's trying to do for the owners.

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