Steelers by Offensive Set '10: Game 16 (Snap Counts, etc.)


The rout of the Browns on the shores of Lake Erie made for liberal substitutions in Sunday's game, reflected in the snap counts.  A popular topic of discussion though in Steeler Nation is the infusion of the "Young Money Crew" of rookie wides into the Steelers offense, and while the Steelers had four wides on the field for only eight plays against the Browns, five of these snaps were on the 10-play drive to the Steelers 2nd score, including four consecutive plays directly preceding the Mendy TD plunge.

Heath Miller was utilized as a wide on over one-third of his snaps, splitting or slotting out fifteen times (of 43 plays) serving most often as the de facto fourth wide.

Matt Spaeth was split or slotted on eight of his 34 snaps.   Three of these snaps involved both Spaeth and Miller serving as de facto wides.  Spaeth lined up as the third tight end on one snap.  Spaeth was the 4th wide, along with three of his fleeter afoot teammates on four more snaps.  In the final analysis, the Steelers on-field personnel gave them 3+-wide looks on six more snaps than is reflected in the table above.

Randle El did step in as the # 3 wide for a pair of plays when Wallace needed a brief respite following his 2nd catch of the day, the slant that he took for 41 yards.  El then served as the #5 wide for a pair of snaps, preceding his replacing Sanders in the lineup as the #3 wide on the play where he tossed a 3-yard scoring strike to Hines.   Along with Ben, Rashard Mendenhall was done for the day following this play, which closed the initial possession of the 2nd half.

On the defensive side, alot of the regulars knocked off early.  Farrior was done for the day prior to halftime, and Troy wisely never appeared after intermission.  Fat Casey Hampton was on the field for three snaps in the 3rd quarter.  BMac left the game with an abdominal injury during the Browns' initial possession, not to return.

Snap Counts (Offense-64 total):  (Defense-69 total):
Wallace-50                                       Hood-52
Ward-40                                           Kiesel-40
Sanders-36                                     Hampton-24
Brown-17                                           Hoke-29
El-16                                                 Eason-31
Miller-43                                           Harrison-58
Spaeth-34                                         Timmons-54
DJ-22                                               Woodley-43
Kemo, Scott, Foster-64                  Foote-41
Pouncey, Adams-49                      Sylvester-26
Legursky-17                                    Fox-26
Essex-15                                          Clark-43
Ben-46                                             Taylor-41
Leftwich-18                                      Polamalu-37
Mendenhall-27                                BMac-7
Redman-18                                     Gay-52
Dwyer-15                                          Madison-41

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