Hump Day Mix Playoff week: 1 (Bye week musings) Edition

Hello again faith followers of the Hump Day mixery! What a week...I am glad that you all are here for the "Master of Ceremonies" Arnie, and your favorite DJ Dub Sleazy, to break down last week’s matchup with the pitiful Brownies, as well as serve you our favorite dish from the kitchen next to Chachi! (Chef extraordinaire), the cheerleaders and international hotties that stole both of our hearts…Get ready for the hump b/c the breaks are gone…let’s get to it shall we?

PixburghArn: Once again my heart was treated to a easy viewing game. I felt so relaxed that I fell asleep during the game.  Well this weekend will be easy on the heart too.   I get to scout our next opponent.

 Webslasher81: Again I agree with ya Arnie 110%, seeing the Man-genius literally cry after the game knowing he sealed his fate with the future coaching in Brown town…brought a big smile to my face, that as well as my 3 cases of Yeungling my dad sent me as a late Crimbus gift.

How about those predictions from the Browns game?


PixburghArn:  Well I said Ben would be hitting mid-ranged passes and have a couple of big plays to open the run up.  I got the first part right, but they didn’t run it once they softened them up.  They didn’t run out the clock either.  They treated it like a preseason game and let the backups play balls outs.  My predicted score was going to be 33-10 or 31-10.  I entered it into the prediction poast but didn’t get it in here.  Oh well.

 Webslasher81: D’oh! Once again Arnie I failed ya…I believe I predicted a 28-10 score, but that was way off, Rush-hard had a hell of game rumbling and stumbling the way he did across the goal line. Yeah, yeah B-Mac was my wildcard and he did decent, and he pulled his groin (groan)…oh well, we got the bye and our team needed it…we will be revving the engine towards whomever we vs. after the wild card showdown.

 What are your predictions for this week?

PixburghArn:  I guarantee we don’t lose this week and we rest out starters. 

Webslasher81: I guarantee the whole team is partying like rockstars…and SCORE! Lol.

How about those predicted standouts from the Browns game?

PixburghArn: I said Big Ben on offense.  I said his stat line would read (256 yds. 3 TDs) and he was (280 yds. 2 TD)  ARE took one from him.  Can Ben get an assist?  On defense I said Deebo with 2 FF, 2 sacks and 2 tackles for loss.  Let’s just say I missed.

Webslasher81: I said Rush-hard…um he kicked tail…(23 carries 142 yds. And 2 tds) (Side note I’m not really a stat guy I guess lol…Ringo throw me a bone!). and B-MAC on "D" (1 pick 2 sacks) yeah that didn’t happen…WTF was I thinking…hmm…oh yeah, hangovers are an amazing thing!

How did those concerns you had pan out in this game?


PixburghArn: Well Josh Cribbs was taken care of by minimizing his opportunities and Colt McCoy, while making some plays with his feet and engineering a drive on our backups, didn’t have much opportunity to hurt our defense.  Also there weren’t any mistakes for the Browns to capitalize on.  Good game by the boys.  Way to go into the playoffs focused.

 Webslasher81: Yeah I said McCoy and Cribbs might throw some scares in there…well we bottled that up something sweeter than you…

Random Notes:

PixburghArn: I really don’t know what to do with myself.  No game this weekend.  I think I want to go see the Spurs play the Pacers in Indy.  Anyone want to go?

Webslasher81: (Raising his hand…) pick me Arn, pick me!!! Haha! I wish…I will be spending the weekend working on my sweet bo-staff skills…yeah there ya go, it rolls right off the tounge!

Cheerleaders/Hostesses of the week:

PixburghArn: I have decided I will choose my cheerleader hostess of the week by the teams I think will win this week. When you have a lovely bird like this one, you must tweet her well.  Ah… tweet, tweet, tweet. Philly in the house.



PixburghArn: The Saints have such heavenly bodies.  Am I seeing double? 



PixburghArn: I was told Belinda could sing.  I saw her picture and believed right away.  I visited the Chiefs to meet here and ask, "Do you have a sound you can sing with my name in it?  If not I can teach you one."



PixburghArn: Does anyone from Florida State play on the Colts?  Because I have a couple of stand-ins for the Colts.




PixburghArn: On the international front.  My hostess comes from Libya.  Ii think you’ve had enough eye candy today.  I am a fan of beautiful women no matter what they are wearing.  Besides my friend here is very friendly.



 Webslasher81: Now I’m not one to talk up a big game when it comes to hotties from both the international realm and cheerleading realm, but it looks like Arn has done his homework…I am always in awe of the beauties that you bestow my man…once again I have to pick my game up…this week’s cheerleaders are coming from 4 areas, I like to hit off first with the AFC then switch off to the NFC…behold the beauty of the # 1 seeded and hated Patriots…Quinn Kingston.



Webslasher81: Now let me switch to the # 5 seeded Ravens…they have some lookers…here is one of my favorite of the bunch…Lindi.



Webslasher81: Why would I stop there…I am now going to switch over to the NFC, where the # 1 seeded Falcons have made a name for themselves in cheerleaders, HOTlanta I say yes! Say hello to…Krysta.



Webslasher81: Lastly but not least…I’m heading to eastern PA, the # 3 Eagles have some firecrackers to keep their fans entertained…here is the lovely,  Karen!



Webslasher81: Now I am turning my attention to the international side of the house…in my latest globetrotting adventure I stopped off in Israel…meet my future ex-wife…and Israeli Defense Forces hottie…Gal!



Well that wraps up another BTCS males and females, I hope you have enjoyed the input and tune in next week when Arn and I break down the wildcard winners and losers, and our future foe at the Ketchup bottle…and as always… "Stay thirsty my friends!" –Redman  
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