Ridiculously Offensive

Jaguars vs Steelers coverage

Been watching the NFL in the last 5 weeks? Well you may have notice some ridiculous offensive totals being put up. This post will outline the explosion of offense.

There have 40 individual times since week 1 that a QB has thrown for at least 300 yards. There have been 77 games played in the NFL and 154 chances for a QB to throw for 300 yards. That is 26% of the time a QB is throwing for 300 yards. Greater than 1 in 4 QBs or at least 1 a game on average.  7 QBs this season are averaging 300+ yds/gm. There wasn't a single QB who finished last year with 300+ yards per game. That is ridiculous.

(Only 4 QBs averaged 300 yds/gm at the end of September last season, and none by the end of October)

Even more ridiculous 13 QBs are still on pace to break the 4000 yard passing mark this year. These QBs are; Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers,Cam Newton, Tony Romo, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning, Mathew Stafford, Matt Schaub, our own Ben Roethlisberger, Micheal Vick, Matt Ryan and Kevin Kolb.

Even more ridiculous, 5 of those QBs are on pace to break Dan Marino's single season passing yards record of 5084. Tom Brady is on pace to beat it by 912.8 yards the other QBs on pace to beat it; Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers, rookie QB Cam Newton, and Tony Romo.

But this ridiculousness isn't fitted just for QBs, at the WR position 15 receivers are on pace to pass the 1200 yard mark for the season. 2 of these on pace to break Jerry Rice's record of 1848 yards in a season. Wes Welker  is on pace for a 144 rec, 2368 rec yd. and 16 TDs season. If that pace can keep up it would be unbelievable.

Receiving Yards are not the only things Receivers are putting up on the stats sheet. 7 receivers are on pace to score at least 10 TDs and Calvin Johnson is on pace to smash Randy Moss' single season TD record of 23 with a pace of 28.8 TDs for this year. He has 9 so far this season. That's ridiculous!

RBs have however not lost much production. 4 RBs are still on pace to go over 1500 yards rushing this year. For comparison only one RB wen over that mark last year Arian Foster.

On a team level 3 teams are still on pace to beat the St. Louis Rams of 2000 most yards gain record of 7075 yards. This includes Green Bay who is on pace to put up 7923 yards as an offense this season.


Just as a reminder the Steelers currently as a team rank;

Offense: 23rd pts/gm, 12th yds/gm, 12th pass yds/gm, 17th rush yds/gm,  5th 3rd% and  2nd in TOP

Defense:  4th pts/gm (17.8), 2nd  yrds/gm,  16th rush yds./gm (What?), 1st pass yds./gm (WHAT!!?)  T-18th Sacks  and last in INTs


This season is still only 5 games done, so the numbers may be off at this point but still the offense production this season is astounding to say the least.

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