Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 6: "Yinzers vs. Jags-offs" Edition



Welcome back Boys and Ghouls to the HDM mixery!!! With your faithful fearful twosome at the helm PixburghArn (a.k.a. Arnie) and your DJ, Dub Sleazy Ocho Uno keeping it hot on the one’s and two’s. This week’s celeb blogger 2 for 1 is:  Seton Hall and Steelers  and TVsCHACHI  give them a hand! With there help we will be breaking down the huge win against the Titans, and onto the present matchup against those Jacksonville Kitty-Cats! Plus the ever so lovely eye candy (boat loads) that gets each and every one of us out of bed on this great Wednesday…now let’s get to the HUMP!


How about those predictions from the Titans game?


Webslasher81: Very, very impressed…my prediction was Steelers 13-9 a tough grimy win. I was actually happy that BB had time to throw the ball and was only sacked ONCE!!!


PixburghArn: I said this game would be a win and everyone would still be down on them.  Well, I didn't really mean everyone, but yeah. What the heck I was only right about the win.


Seton Hall and Steelers: I predicted that we would win 27-10 and that CJ would have one big TD run but otherwise be shut down.  


TVsCHACHI: What up Yinz? Pleasure to be on the Bus.  I didn't make any predictions last week; however I'm terrible with numbers, but great with faces. 


How did you're predicted standouts for The Titans game do?


Webslasher81: I predicted that the whole team would stand out…and for a reason, it seemed that they were having fun out there like the Steelers of old, I was happy with the outcome.


PixburghArn: I said Brown on offense.  I was also thinking special teams, but on offense he wasn't the real standout.  I'd say I give it to Ben or even give Ward some on this one.  Just because.  The way he came out stood out.  On defense, I said Timmons.  I guess I figured if I say Timmons every week I'll be right at least once.  Saying Troy is too easy right now. 


Seton Hall and Steelers: On offense I said I said Ben would have 305 yards and 2TD. I also said Wallace would have 8 receptions for 137 yards and 1TD.  On defense I said Troy would have 7 tackles and and 1FF while Timmons would have 6 tackles, 2 sacks, and 1INT. Troy had a good day but Timmons did not. 


TVsCHACHI: For me, Keisel back in the mix was key, he is easily the best and most consistent DLineman out there and he makes those around him better.  With 99 we saw plays from Timmons, Hood, Heyward, and most importantly, LaMarr Woodley.  And Troy is the best Safety in the game.



How about the predictions for the Jaguars game?


Webslasher81: The Jags-offs don’t have the manpower to muscle around the Steelers

The Steelers, win in a laugher…31-10.


PixburghArn: I don't like this game.  Jags always play us tough.  Offense struggles again 17-10.


Seton Hall and Steelers: I think we win this one easy. The Jags only have one good player and if we shut down MJD it will be easy. I say 34-7 and its not even that close. 



TVsCHACHI: Dig it Yinz, Week 4 was an awakening.  It was very much a statement game.  The Defense is pissed and the Offense has the best lineup of skill talent since the 1970s, couple these factors and we have the potential for a Fun-Fest.  Steelers 31 Jags 3



How about the predicted standouts for the Jaguars game?


Webslasher81: On offense I got Mike Wallace…the dude is just plain sick nasty, the Jags "D" won’t be able to contain him. (5 touches 134 yds. 2 td’s), and on defense I got Ike Taylor, for some reason QB’s respect him out of fear by not throwing the ball in his direction, which in this case Gabbert being a bone-headed rookie will…(1 tfl, 1 pick.) It’s about time that "Can’t see me!!!" is getting the respect he deserves…

PixburghArn: I'm going to say Mendenhall is the standout.  He's going to be ticked off and run like a madman.  Then he's going to blame his struggles on the FBI.  On defense I think it will be Heyward.  Heyward gets his in this game.  Nice stat line and plenty of notice.  In Gabbert's face and pushing the line.

Seton Hall and Steelers: For offense I am going with Mike Wallace. The Jags dont have enough speed to cover him. I say 6 receptions, 129 yards, 2TDs. For defense, I say Troy Polamalu. He own rookie QBs and this will be no different. 5 tackles, 1 sack, 1FF, 1INT, and 3PD.  

TVsCHACHI: On Defense we will see more of Woodley, I expect another Sack or Two along with multiple hurries which lead to a pick by Troy.  On Offense, more underneath stuff to Heath and Hines which sets up the homerun to Wallace later in the game.  Hines gets another TD and shakes that ass.


What concerns do you have this week?

Webslasher81: The same concerns I have every week…they won’t change unless they start a trend of success.

PixburghArn: First I want to start off by saying, I told you the line would have a good game.  Go back and look at the last week's HDM.  Now my concern for this week is That little bowling ball with the number 32 on it.  You can't let him get off.  Let the rookie beat you.

Seton Hall and Steelers: My concern for this game is Maurice Jones Drew. I think he has the potential to have a few big runs but we should have seven in the box and limit him to under 100 yards. Also, another concern is our Special Teams blocking on punts and FGs. It is becoming a problem. 

TVsCHACHI: I second Slasher; we aren't out of the woods yet.  Having said that, I don't have too many concerns about this particular game, we're at home against a rook wet-behind-the-ear Gabbart etceteras.  My concerns are with OLine play on the road in the oft-mentioned 'hostile enviroment', but that is another story for another day. Go Steelers.


Cheerleader of the week:

Webslasher81: I have been to Jacksonville quite often, and the eye candy down there is quite scrumptious meet: Kelly hear her ROAR!!!


Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL. (via cardinals17)

PixburghArn: Jacksonville is known for its vast size and breathtaking scenery. My cheerleading beauty wants you to enjoy Jacksonville week for what it is....beautiful.





Seton Hall and Steelers: This girl is apparently a Jaguars cheerleader from 2009. Don't know why she doesn't cheer anymore.







TVsCHACHI: Cheerleading is for Ray Lewis pregame bullshit and Pop Warner, but I love boobies so I went with smoking hot adult sensation Lizz Tayler, who is in fact a STEELERS fan.  Follow her on Twitter @lizzxxxtayler and see for Yinzselves.






International Hostess of the week:

Webslasher81: I love traveling abroad, and I would love to travel to Portugal again just for this reason…meet: Flor Guerreiro


Natasha Fulks (via Onigun)

PixburghArn: Stefania shows you why Venezuela can't be overlooked when you talk about natural beauty.  The beautiful beaches have nothing on the wild life living by them and the heat comes from more than the sun.




Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez (via Central B)



Seton Hall and Steelers: This is Maria Saldana from the Caribbean. 





TVsCHACHI: Japan has the best food, the best animated movies, the best technology, the best fashion, and the best looking women in the galaxy.  For me, finding which Japanese beauty to represent HDM was the challenge but after seeing Reon Kadena it was a no-brainer.






Well this wraps up another classic HDM. Tune in next week faithful followers of the HUMP, as the 2 Musketeers and the celeb pick o’ the week, break down the Steelers West a.k.a. the Cards, when we go take ‘em on in that crazy Arizona heat!

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