Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 7: "Blazing Woodpeckers" Edition


Welcome back to the HDM mixery folks…This week’s rant coming from the best in the biz (Arn and Slasha) should be a rather interesting one. Due to time constraints/miscommunication this edition will be another duo tirade (Sorry MINI/Mechem we will fit you guys in at another date.) Captain’s log; Star Date: 19 Oct 2011: "We have encountered this familiar territory before, the air thick with suck beyond the desert wasteland…Ahh, it smells like Cardinal country…" I am using a fabricated bit from Star Trek, with a twist…We are breaking down the Jags game from last week and what is in store for us when we face the Cards this Sunday, as well as the eye candy you need. Let’s get to it…


How about those predictions from the Jaguars game?


Webslasher81: I predicted a laugher 31-10 final…what I ended up with was heartburn and a real bad case of acid reflux. Although we won, I personally believe the defense once again saved us from going 3-3.

PixburghArn: I predicted a tough game and that the offense would struggle.  I was right about the second half. I predicted 17-10.  Ok I'm going to accept being right this time.  Though this was more another one of those let's just do enough to win games.


How did you're predicted standouts for The Jaguars game do?

Webslasher81: Wallace ended up having a good day, our offense looked great in the 1st half, but didn’t finish strong in the 2nd half and that is what worries me. BB overthrowing receivers has to stop; this game should have been a blow out. On D I had Ike, and although Ike gave up a td, I still think he played productive enough to show that Gabbert was a rookie on the run. The D as a whole got my head nod for stepping up when they did.

PixburghArn: Well I predicted Mendenhall would run like a madman and be the standout.  I would say he was.  I haven't checked his twitter account to see if he was blaming the FBI, but he looked pretty paranoid walking off the field.  What's that you say? He always looks like someone scared him?  You may be right.  On defense I said Heyward.  Yeah I can't get any props on that one, but let me take this moment to give Farrior some props.  Did he take Michael Jackson's Oxygen chamber?  Hee hee Shummonie  By the way I was concerned with Maurice Jones-Drew last week.  He was a problem, but like I said they let the Rook try to beat them.


How about the predictions for the Cardinals game?


Webslasher81: When playing a team that tries to mirror us, to an extent always has me scratching my head. Are we going to see an offense like we did against the Titans or an offense like we have seen against the Ravens…the same question goes for the D. The emotional rollercoaster the Steelers have had me on so far this year leaves me guessing every week…this week I’m flipping a coin; we win in an ugly slugfest with a desperate Cardinals team trying to do what they can to win (i.e. Colts). Steelers: 17 Cards: 13.


PixburghArn: I predict our special teams kill them.  I just feel a good special teams day.  The Cardinals defense will make it tough.  The Cardinals will score off of turnovers or second chances from penalties. Steelers bring this one home playing a clean game in the second half (cutting down on mistakes). Steelers 24 Cardinals 21.




How about the predicted standouts for the Cardinals game?


Webslasher81: I’m going out on a limb here, Hines Ward has been clutch in the past few games so I am going with him on offense (4 catches 66 yds 1 td), and on defense, Ziggy Hood will earn his paycheck, (5 tackles 2 tfl 1 sack 1 ff).


PixburghArn: Antonio Brown is going to come up big on special teams.  On offense Wallace will have a big day again 100+ and one of the TDs.  It could very easily be Ben though.  On defense Lamar Woodley brings the wood and leaves splinters in Kolb's rear end.



What concerns do you have this week?

Webslasher81: Since the o-line is stepping up somewhat, I’m lying off their case (other than effin injuries which I am irate about), I’m going with the BA/BB connection. It seems only right to bring this concern up b/c I honestly don’t know how each will fare going into every game. Don’t get me wrong when BB is up he is skyrockets in flight, but when he is down I blame BA and his bone-headed play calling…once again I’m at a crossroads. We need to get our shit together before our 2 biggest tests smack us in the face week(s) 8 and 9.

PixburghArn:  I'm concerned about the injuries on the O-line.  I'm also concerned that we may not take Beanie Wells very seriously.  He can cause some troubles.  I doubt he will but the possibility is definitely there.


Cheerleader of the week:

Webslasher81: Keeping the tradition wholesome, (Thanks Arnie d’oh!) I love the Arizona heat , and this is why I am gonna retire there meet: Chase.


Arizona Cardinals, NFL. (via cardinals

P.S. Two for one special this week...BAM!



PixburghArn:  Wholesome?  Hahahaha  Let me introduce a couple to you.  Wait.. yeah that's what I said. 






International Hostess of the week:

Webslasher81: For every time I had a nickel, by stating this country and its beauty in women I would be rich by now…my country I am wooing about is the Ukraine and this lovely morsel fits her mold quite well, meet: Natalia.


Lake Beauty (via Lightscapes)


PixburghArn:  You know I like down south.  South America that is, how about Peru.  Even Mechem doesn't hate them nor does he think they stink.  Here's a mail order bride for ya, or if you are in Peru like Mechem just get the address. 




Well this wraps up yet another edition of the HDM we hope you have enjoyed. Tune in next week when the Patsies come to the Ketchup Bottle, plus a special cameo appearance from the "SAUCE BOSS" himself, Mike Bean…

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